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3D technology has recently changed the way we used to watch movies. Now converting your living room into a small 3D movie theater is not a big deal. 3D televisions have made it possible. The technology in these televisions allows you to experience three dimensional (3d movies) without using 3d glasses. The real-life sense and depth of playing your favorite PS4 Games becomes a reality with 3d tvs.

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Ecostar 3D Tvs
Samsung 3D Tvs
Sony 3D Tvs
LG 3D Tvs

At, you can find an extensive variety of Televisions online. Based on the type of glasses used, there are basically two types of 3D televisions: Active and Passive. Active 3D TVs require the normal 3D glasses but for passive ones you will need battery powered glasses which are synchronized with the TV to give you better experience.

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3D TVs in Pakistan are available online at in a wide range of screen sizes and discount prices. Many 3D enthusiasts recommend a screen size of 32 inch for bedroom and 50 or 60 inch for the living room. The upper limit for screen size depends on your pocket size. Bigger the screen size, better the experience. Although size is very important but there are a few factors which might stop you from getting a bigger television. For example, to have a complete cinema like experience, your 3D smart tv should be placed at an optimal distance. A general measure for this optimal distance is four times the height of the TV. So if you do not have this much space in your room, you might want to limit the screen size and go for other options in the specifications.

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Recently, with the rise of 3D technology, all the major electronic companies have started introducing different models of these 3D TVs. You can find the best available and most affordable 3D TV Prices in Pakistan for some of the major 3D Led TV brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Toshiba, Haier, Panasonic and several others. If you are looking to buy 3D TV online in Pakistan, you have come to the right place. Kaymu Pakistan offers you a chance to browse through a wide variety of these 3D televisions from the top brands and select the ones according to your requirements and pocket size. You can order these from anywhere in Pakistan and get your order delivered within 10 days with our Fast Shipping offer!