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Buy Baby Essential Gift Sets in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country where birth of a new born baby is considered to be a festival for the whole family. For parents, friends and family this is one of the most exciting moments in life. Choosing the best present for a baby is not an easy task. At this stage, gifts are more for parents rather than for the newborn. Trend of celebrating new born baby's arrival and even baby showers became a ritual for families and baby gift ideas in Pakistan are not limited either.

Buyers can easily select the items online at Kaymu which is an online marketplace. People prefer baby basket gifts in Pakistan because this is an organized and presentable manner. Gift sets are available at reasonable prices and a quality which is suitable for newborns.

Guide for Purchasing Toddler Gift Sets Online

Consider some of the best gift set ideas;


Baby clothes could be a useful present you can give for a newborn since parents are already collecting clothes for their babies. Go for gowns and body suits keeping material in mind. Clothes shall be good quality and material should be soft so it doesn't irritate the infants. Color and design is another aspect to keep in mind while shopping online for clothes. Choose colors according to the current weather and gender of the baby. For summers get dull colors whereas for winters buy bright colored clothes. Baby colors for boys are yellow, blue and red on the other hand for girls include pink, peach and off-white shades. Designs at the beginning are generally same but differs as babies grow old.

Customized Gifts

A basket of personalized items could give sense of belonging and affection towards a child. Customized items could include a wall hanging of child's name, a blanket with child's name and date of birth, a picture frame with a child etc.

Gift sets for both the genders may also differ for example; baby gifts for boys may include clothes and items in blue with remote control cars, rattles, toys and quote written relating boys. Also the cartoon characters which are famous in toddlers. Baby gifts for girls are mostly in pink color, could be toys like stuff toys, dolls, rattles with music and much more.

Toys are generally considered as a source of entertainment for babies and some useful items such as teething rings are baby's favorite item to use.


Although babies begin to read and recognize things after the age of two or three books would be another useful present you can give to babies. Having kids & baby books around helps in developing visual associations and can benefit parents in teaching them read and write when they are young. Books usually with soft cloth binding are preferred gifting to babies.

Ideas for new born baby gifts in Pakistan are enormous depending on your choice. Pay a visit to our baby section at Kaymu. It offers designed baskets for baby girl and boys and this saves your time of searching through malls to get appropriate items.