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With busy schedules and on-the-go lifestyles, academic and professional commitments, safety concerns and extreme weathers, time for outdoor activities and sports has been drastically reduced. Outdoor leisurely time has been replaced with screen time and indoor activities such as movies and virtual games. However, we need to realize that outdoor activities not only keep us fresh physically but also mentally alert and bright. It also builds up our stamina, tones down our bodies, burns fat and most importantly, lets us indulge in a much needed break from our hectic lifestyles. Basketball in Pakistan, too, is one such outdoor activity that is fun for men and women of all ages and provides a wholesome sports and outdoor experience.

Even though we may not have access to the best sports grounds and facilities, basketball is one game that can be played even in a small drive or backyard. All it requires is a hoop and a basketball. So what are you all waiting for? Shop for all sorts of hoops and basketballs online at Kaymu and discover the fun of shooting hoops. Find a range of all sorts of professional or entry level basketballs and increase your love for the game with specially designed balls.

Basketball – The Popular Sport in Pakistan

Basketball is one of the most popular and widely viewed sports in the world. Typically, basketball is a sport played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court with two hoops at each end of the court. The aim is to shoot a ball through the hoop mounted to a backboard which is 10 feet above the ground and 18 inches in diameter. The ball is supposed to be bounced along the court while walking or running or throwing it to a teammate. It is a violation to lift the foot without dribbling the ball or to carry it and hold it with both hands. So your dribbling technique needs to be top notch for the game. Different players have different positions and offensive or defensive structures of player positioning.

The ball for basketball is specifically designed for the game and is a spherically inflated ball and comes in a variety of sizes depending on the requirements. Larger balls are usually reserved to train and increase the skill of basketball players, while the usual standard ball is 9.5 inches to 9.85 inches in diameter. Basketballs have an inflatable inner rubber which is wrapped in layers of fiber and covered in a leather, rubber or synthetic layer. The surface of the ball is usually orange with black ribs and a logo but they can be available in many other colors as well. There is also a small opening that allows the pressure inside the ball to be increased or decreased.

Basketball is played worldwide on many professional and amateur levels as well as in high schools, colleges, professional and international teams. Now that you know all the essential basics of basketball and the advantages of outdoor play,join the league with Kaymu's range of basketballs and basketball accessories in Pakistan as well as rubber basketballs, Nike basketballs, Adidas basketballs and Puma basketballs in Pakistan at the best basketball prices in Pakistan. Start shooting with basketballs delivered right to your doorstep via free home delivery and cash on delivery services all across Pakistan!