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Imagine you are working something very important on your laptop and suddenly the screen turns black. This type of interference can happen when the laptop battery is fully drained. To make sure that you can perform your tasks without any disruptions, the laptop battery must be always powered up. For most customers, battery is an essential spec which is taken into account when buying a laptop. When the battery is being used up, you must plug-in the adapter so that it can charge up.

Laptop batteries in Pakistan are available online at Kaymu where these are available in a variety. A high quality battery ensures durability and reliability of a laptop and also increases its life. When damaged, a laptop battery can easily be replaced. Laptop batteries price in Pakistan is quite affordable at Kaymu so that it is accessible to a large number of people.

Types of Laptop Batteries in the Market

Different types of laptops use different types of batteries. Here are some of the commonly used batteries for the laptops.

Lithium ion batteries: Lightweight and high in performance, these batteries are found in a number of laptop brands. Since they do not suffer from 'memory effect', these are used as Sony, Samsung or HP laptop batteries. These batteries contain a rapid-charging feature which will save your time while charging a laptop. They also suffer quite less from self-discharge so their charging capacity is quite high. This type of battery is also environment-friendly.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries: This type of battery is not only efficient but also inexpensive. It allows smooth discharge rates and the power transfer is also efficiently done. Not widespread in use today, but these batteries are still manufactured and often used as Dell laptop batteries.

Lithium polymer batteries: This is the most advanced type of battery being used today. It is an upgraded form of Lithium-ion technology. These batteries do not use lithium-salt electrolyte. Instead they use a composite of solid polymer. These batteries ensure lower manufacturing cost, increased ruggedness and reliability, and wider adaptability. Apart from Sony and Apple, this type of battery is being used by other laptop brands including Lenovo laptop battery.

Things to Look for When Buying a Laptop Battery

When deciding to buy the battery of a laptop, you must keep certain things in mind to ensure that you get the right type of battery for your laptop.

Capacity: Measured in powers, the capacity of a battery is an essential feature. It also takes into account the self-discharge rate and the power produced per the battery weight. A high quality battery has high capacity so that your laptop can remain charged for a long time.

Universal v/s specialized battery: A universal battery can be adjustable within any brand of laptop. However, a specialized battery is placed inside only a specific brand of laptop.

Power rating: The more a technologically advanced battery device, higher will be its power rating.

Portability: Many laptops these days have portable laptop chargers so that they can be used while travelling, or while driving a car, etc.