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Having one of your favourite cameras is only halfway to shooting great photos. In order to perfect your photography skills, you also need to have good camera accessories such as camera lenses, camera tripods and flashes. There are a lot of guides on the Internet on how to pick and choose your perfect set of camera accessories. Realizing how huge the market is, photography brands worldwide such as Canon, JVC, Holga and many others have decided to introduce camera accessories catering to different use cases and users. These popular camera brands have also applied their innovation onto camera accessories like tripods, flashes, camera stands and several others.

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Get the Best Available Camera Accessories Prices in Pakistan

Knowing that we have photography geeks like you as customers, we want to bring the widest range of camera accessories in Pakistan together with competitive prices. With Kaymu, you can browse and get the best ever camera accessories prices in Pakistan at the comfort of your own home. Gone are the days where you used to carry so many things home at once with the fear of accidentally dropping or knocking these valuable accessories.

Must Have Digital Camera Accessories in Pakistan for Travelers

There is no doubt about the fact that buying a new camera is an exciting thing however there is a lot more that needs to be done after having purchased a camera. If you have a look at the camera accessories section of online shopping communities such as Kaymu, you'll be able to find a plethora of accessories persuading you to sink your bank accounts. In order to make sure that you buy the camera accessories that truly utilize you in the long run, we have listed down the must-buy accessories for digital cameras below:

Extra Lenses

Whether you have purchased Nikon, Olympus, Canon, Fuji film, Panasonic or Kodak camera you need to buy extra lenses in order to capture your favorite moments real-close and in HD quality. Majority of the DSLRs come packed with stock kit lens that is in the area of 18-55mm or 16-50mm. It is good to go if you are a starter. However, if you are planning jumping to a bigger camera lenses look for your budget and buy the one that fits your budget. Moreover, the canon lenses in Pakistan are also known due to their good quality.

A nice bag to store and carry your camera

Now that you have spent your fortune on your favorite digital cameras, do not forget to buy a sturdy bag to store as well as to carry it safely. Kaymu offers a range of camera bags in Pakistan to fit various camera sizes and price budgets. So choose the camera backpack that suits you and order it online.

A bigger memory card

A memory card is something where all your photographs and videos will be stored so you cannot rely on your camera's built-in memory. It is the best practice to buy a memory card with greater storage capacity to make sure that you do not have to copy pictures and videos to another device every now and then.

A Tripod Stand

A tripod stand not only suits the professionals but also the beginners. In fact, the beginners love using a tripod camera stand since it makes it more convenient for them to shoot pictures without getting the image blurred. Moreover, a tripod stand also helps taking snaps at hilly areas and places where ground is not perfectly leveled. You can find the most competitive tripod price in Pakistan at Kaymu and get your tripod delivered at your doorsteps.

An additional battery

With the help of an additional camera battery, you never have to carry your camera battery charger with you everywhere you go. All you need is buying an extra camera battery and you'll be able to get double backup for your camera. Kaymu offers premium quality lithium ion batteries at affordable prices.

Photo edit softwares

The demand for camera filters have reduced due to the rise of photo editing computer softwares. This makes photography a much easier task. You may use the trial versions of these softwares and then decide which one is better. Some of these softwares use metadata which makes adjustments in a photo only through specific programs. Adobe Photoshop, Apple Aperture, etc. are few of the softwares that enable photo editing.

Camera filters

These camera accessories provide higher control and better details than photo editing softwares, thus being generally used by the professional photographers. Polarizing filters are a must have accessory since they control the light through a wide aperture, add drama to improvise the effects of a picture and control the reflections in a picture for better quality of image. Some people get UV filter added for lens protection along with a lens hood, but this is totally based on the customer choice or preference.

How to Buy the best Tripod Stands

A DSLR camera stand is not used simply to steady your camera, in fact, a number of factors are involved when selecting the stand since this stand enables you to capture perfect images. Below are certain things you need to keep in mind when selecting a stand.

  • Make sure that your stand has enough weight to hold your dslr cameras and its lens, without any fear of dropping. It should have perfect dimensions and weight so that it is suitable for anyplace and condition.
  • Check the height of the tripod stand before buying. Make sure that it has enough height to capture better quality pictures.
  • Make certain that your tripod meets the time and adjustment requirements easily. Though camera stand price in Pakistan varies but make sure you have a stand with short setup.
  • Decide on the tripod heads you will want to use for photography. Some SLR tripods have removable heads, including both photo and video heads. These are high-end stands so the tripod price in Pakistan varies according to this feature.