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Chanel Pakistan - Class with the Quality to Match

Chanel is one of the most celebrated brands around the world and Pakistan is no exception to this. The French Fashion powerhouse is known to inculcate the most beautiful designs and patterns into their creations. The range of women's clothing includes items which are categorized into haute couture, ready-to-wear clothes, fashion accessories and gorgeous luxury goods. is your online Chanel store in Pakistan. Here, you have the ability to search from a wide range of products offered by the brand and find the lowest prices that you cannot find anywhere else.

Chanel Fragrances

Chanel perfumes and fragrances are considered to be one of a kind. There is a blend of exotic ingredients and spices that combine to give a beautiful scent. Chanel Pakistan is known to pay a special amount of importance to the three notes in their fragrances which are the top note, the heart note and the base note.

The fragrance families used in their women's perfumes are the floral family, the Ambery family and the Chypre family. All these have combinations of flowers, spices, plants and animal smells combined together. Some of the famous ones for women are Chanel No.5, Chanel Coco, Chanel Chance and others.

For men, the fragrance families are the woody family, the musk family, the aquatic family and the leather family. These have combinations of different woods, honey, tobacco and tars in them. The popular fragrances here are Bleu De Chanel, Allure Homme and Pour Monsieur.

Chanel Makeup and Skincare

Chanel Makeup products use ingredients that are careful on the skin and do not cause irritation. There are special makeup products used for the face that include foundations, concealers, blushes, bronzers, eye shadow palettes and others. There are other products for the lips and the cheeks. Special creams and moisturizers have been formulated to cater for various skin types of people.

Chanel Handbags

Chanel handbags are one of the most coveted bags in the world of women fashion. The iconic bag is the quilted one by the brand. This small to medium size rectangular quilted bag comes with its long set of chains that make it easy to hang on the shoulder or to hold it by hand. The Chanel logo is placed on the front of the bag to place emphasis on the design. Other ranges of bags include clutches, totes, carry bags and many others. These are available in bright and bold colors.

Chanel Clothing and Footwear

There are different articles of clothing present for men and women which include tops, bottoms, outerwear and many others. From summers to winters, there are different styles and materials present. The Footwear have the bold Chanel logo on them. There are flats, boots, pumps, sandals, wedges and many other styles present.

Chanel Accessories

Chanel is known to produce the classiest of accessories. Chanel women's sunglasses look stylish all year around and in all conditions. These sunglasses have wider frames and bigger lenses as they opt to follow the traditional and classic style present before. Most of the frames are made from plastic and there is less use of metal present.

Watches by Chanel are a beauty. These have watchstraps made from either metal or leather which give a beautiful look. Watches for women have dials encrusted with stones and diamonds. For men, the chronograph watches are highly famous.