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Cricket is Pakistan's favorite sport. Nothing unites us more than a cricket match and even more when it is against India. Cricket in this region has a history that dates back even prior to the partition of the subcontinent. It is called the gentleman's game because of its tradition of being played among the elite British rulers when they were prevalent in the subcontinent. Cricket involves two teams of eleven players each. One team takes the field while the other bats, which is decided by a coin toss in the beginning of the game. Cricket is a sport renowned world over. It is a favorite in Pakistan and India, but is equally famous in England and South Africa as well.

In cricket, special equipment is required to play the game. Of course, a bat and ball are the key components. Since it is a played with a very hard ball, appropriate clothing is required in order to save oneself from injury. For this reason, leg pads, gloves and helmets are very important. Other than these, hats and sunglasses are also considered essential since the game is played outdoors during the day. Moreover, in order to provide better grip while at the crease, rubber grips need to be put on the bat as well.

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At Kaymu, we have the best cricket gear for you. From batting pads to helmets, cricket balls to bats, joggers, gloves and many more indispensable items of cricket are all available at Kaymu. Whether you are here to check cricket bat price in Pakistan, cricket kit price in Pakistan or hard ball price in Pakistan, Kaymu will never leave you disappointed.

Pakistani Cricket Bats

Pakistan, being one of the world's largest manufacturer of sports goods, especially cricket equipment, has a number of world class brands to its credit. You can find a wide range of bats at Kaymu which include boom boom bat, MP bat, CA cricket bat and bats from Ihsan Pakistan.

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Kaymu being one of the leading online marketplaces for cricket equipment in Pakistan makes sure that its valued customers get top quality products that are reasonably priced. Our professional acquisition makes sure that we only have quality sellers on board. Moreover, pricing is guaranteed when it comes to shopping from Kaymu. So if you are seeking cricket hard ball and bats price in Pakistan, CA bat price in Pakistan, cricket gloves price in Pakistan, Kookaburra cricket bats price in Pakistan or Ihsan bats price in Pakistan, you are at the right place! Kaymu is your one stop place for cricket bats and cricket equipment of all kinds online in Pakistan.

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Hockey may be the national game of Pakistan but cricket is the most widely followed game in the country. It comes as no surprise that cricket kits and equipment are high in demand. People show support of their favorite teams through kits. Ever since the trend of public screenings has risen, the demand for Pakistani cricket shirts have gone through the roof. The 1992 World Cup kit is the extremely popular due to the fact that Pakistan became world champions in that tournament. Apart from kits, people also buy equipment like bats, balls, helmets, wickets etc. Playing cricket is a form of entertainment for young kids and adults. For that, proper cricket equipment is necessary. You can now buy a range of quality cricket equipment online at amazing prices right here at Kaymu.

How to Buy at Best Cricket Bat Price in Pakistan

There is a lot of cricket equipment available in the market. Given the large variety available for you to choose from, it is understandable if you may find it confusing to pick the perfect item for yourself. The following guide will help you in this regards.

What to Look for When Buying Cricket Equipment

First of all, you should consider with which ball you will be playing. A tennis ball only requires a tape and a bat and you can play anywhere with these. When it comes to hard ball, things can get a little more complicated. First of all, hard ball bats are different from tape ball bats. These are made of solid wood and are really strong in nature. They are also pricier than tape ball bats. There are many brands of cricket bats out there, but CA is really popular. At Kaymu, you can get the best CA bat price in Pakistan. Coming to hard balls, there are 3 major brands worldwide, the Kookaburra, Duke and SG. Each has some unique characteristics, such as the amount of swing they would generate. Kaymu allows you to shop at the best hard ball price in Pakistan. Other hard ball equipment includes pads and helmets. Pads are for legs, thighs, ribs and elbows. Helmets are essential for playing hard ball cricket. Modern helmets are lightweight but protect your head from any unfortunate accidents. You can get the best hard ball kit price in Pakistan at Kaymu.

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