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Before the invention of super slim feather weight tablets and laptops, desktop computers were the only form of computers available in the market. A typical desktop computer consists of a monitor, a keyboard, a central processing unit, a mouse and other smaller detachable accessories such as speakers and mic. All of these items are separate units attached to the CPU.

Desktops were quickly replaced by laptops for everyday use. Laptops give you portability, take up less space, and are an all in solution to computer systems. Still, there are some settings in which desktops gain a trump card over laptops. Architecture, graphic designing and other professionals prefer desktops due to their larger screen size and movability of the mouse. Working on photoshop software is much easier with flexibility that desktops provide. Jobs in which the worker may not have to take work outside office premises also use desktops. In the house, there is always one desktop kept in a central place like the living area or study for kids rather than buying each one of them a separate laptop at an early age.

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It is due to their durability and longevity that desktops still remain a strong, hot selling item in the market. Apple, Dell desktops, Acer, Logitech and Compaq are some famous brand names for best quality desktop computers in Pakistan these days. If you are looking for details on desktops, its price, features, add-ons and software systems then browse through and you will find ample information. is one which has top quality brands in desktop computer with other peripheral accessories such as desktop cases, processors, graphic cards, motherboards and a huge collection of computer servers at such competitive prices that meet your requirement. Compare desktop computer prices in Pakistan online at; the best place to do online desktop computer shopping in Pakistan at your convenience. Simply sign up in a simple step to make the purchase. The shipping is free all over Pakistan with convenience of paying cash on delivery!

Things to Consider When Buying Desktop Computers in Pakistan

While you go buying a desktop computer, you need to keep in mind that its specifications are enough to fulfill all your computing needs. Whether you want it for your home or for your office, for playing games or doing heavy graphics work, the following things will help you buying desktop computer that best suits your needs:

Processor and RAM

The speed of your desktop computer will be greatly dependent on the type and speed of the processor you choose. The Intel and AMD processors have rocked the microprocessors industry over decades and yet remain the leading manufacturers of processors for desktops. Besides, the random access memory should be sufficient to make sure that programs run without lagging.

Hard Disk & Ports

A desktop computer with a smaller hard drive would make it inconvenience for you as you won't be able to store as much data as you need to. With a bigger hard drive, you can store all your videos, images, games and a whole lot more. Besides, there needs to be a LAN port, sufficient USB ports, HDMI port etc. to make sure that you can connect your desktop computer with all kinds of external devices.

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