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Give your face full coverage with the seamless finish of the mineral foundations from For everyday choose BB creams that moisturize, protect and even out your skin all at once. Buy shiny lip gloss, lipsticks and moisturizing balms to give you a long lasting color and pout. Make your eyes shine bright and sparkle with waterproof mascaras, kohl pencils, bendable eye shadows and multi-color gel liners all are available in a few clicks at Kaymu's online shopping community!

Kaymu has all in one package as well with make-up kits which include a complete Eyes Make-up, a few neutral Lips Make-up and blush ones. These kits are available in various combinations. Buy smaller kits to keep in your purse, and larger ones if you are planning for a more dramatic look.

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Kaymu being the most caring online marketplace for face and beauty products offers best anti-aging products to help you resolving all your skin-related issues. Our list of sellers includes authorized retailers of all renowned brands which include L'Oréal cosmetics, OLAY, Garnier, Calvin Klein products and many more. Our range of anti-aging facial products in Pakistan include day creams, scrubs, night creams, anti-aging facial cleansers, serums, eye treatments, masks and many more.

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In order to make sure that your skin stays smooth and fresh all day long, it's a good idea to make use of moisturizers and face creams. People have been making use of moisturizers since a long while and many different kinds of ingredients are incorporated in facial creams to ensure maximum freshness and life for the skin. The facial creams never let your skin get dry. They are available at Kaymu from all the popular brands for all skin types including the oily, dry, normal and extra sensitive skins. You may find Emollients, Occlusives, Humectants and all other types of facial skin moisturizers. Searching for whitening facial products? No worries! Kaymu has full range of whitening creams and best facial products in Pakistan to help you enhance your complexion.

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No matter you prefer Maybelline, Lancôme, Jordana, L'Oréal or FitMe as your brands for facial powder, Kaymu's online range of face powders in Pakistan will never leave you disappointed. Whether you prefer pressed or lose face powder for you, Kaymu can help you buy the best one that suits your skin's needs. Did you know the ingredients used in most of the face powders include Talc, Kaolin, Mica, Titanium Oxide, Starch, Face Powder Color Fragrance and Pigment? Besides, you may find all the tools you need for applying face powder such as powder puffs and brushes. Remember, before you purchase a face powder, make sure it matches completely with your skin tone.

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Your skin is the best friend of yours that remains there till your last breath so it is your responsibility to take intense care and keep it safe from outer perils. Once you decide to groom your face then you will definitely start finding advantages ways to successively achieve your mission. Kaymu is filled with such convenient commodities that are meant to polish your skin in a healthy way.

If you are looking for the best facial products in Pakistan then you have stopped at just the right place as Kaymu is currently offering a diverse range of facial products such as face cleansers, moisturizers and face wash products. All the renowned brands of facial products in Pakistan for women such as Ponds, Garnier, Loreal, Revitol, Lakme, Saeed Ghani, Kaliz, Oriflame, Olay and several others are currently accessible at our online marketplace.

What is Inside Facial Kits?

Either they are herbal facial kits or lie under any well-known brand, they always follow the all in one approach. Every facial kit will definitely have toner, cleanser, cream, lotion, scrub, serum and whitening mask. These kits with feasible price ranges at Kaymu are made to facilitate the user with the single product and avoid the multiple purchases.

Branded products like Janssen facial kit are also reliable and offer numerous sub-categories of products in one package. Just like other goods, the shipment of these kits is also done with care so that the customer has no complaints. Most of these kits also contain additional products like hair creams and shower gels to relish the entire body treatment.

Get Face Cleansers, Toners, Face Washes and Moisturizers Online

Our faces are exposed the most to sunlight, dust and dirt. Naturally, we must take extra care to protect them. A proper face care routine begins with cleansers. We must incorporate cleansing and toning as part of our daily skin care exercise. Daily cleansing twice a day will help wipe off the dust and grease off of our face. We recommend that you use a professional facial cleansers in Pakistan. You should use the right cleanser according to your skin type. Generally, your face's skin is delicate which is why the cleanser should be soft yet effective enough to eradicate impurities.

Toning is an essential step that completes the cleansing procedure. An effective toner will remove any residual bits of oil and dirt not yet wiped off by the cleanser. More prominently, the toner will help nurture and hydrate the skin. You can find a variety of face toners at Kaymu that are suitable for all skin types.

Third comes the face wash. There are plenty of energizing face washes in Pakistan available online at and that too at reasonable prices. Face washes also help to relieve the skin of all impurities making your skin glow. If you are looking for a bar soap, you can find extremely gentle ones for sensitive skin.

Lastly, apply moisturizers that smooth and soften the face, giving it renewed radiance. It is very important to scrub your face once a week with different scrubs as well so that your skin may remain fresh. Exfoliating sugar crystals and grainy apricot are perfect scrubs. Also, consider buying honey and mud face masks in Pakistan from in addition to herbal scrubs which are a source of natural nourishment.

Avail Facial Whitening Products to Sooth your Beauty Requirements

Most of the ladies have seen been using the whitening products on the regular basis. Every second lady has at-least one whitening face wash in her bag. Well most of us have made the perceptions that these products are meant to lighten the skin complexion but this is not the entire definition of such wares. Whitening creams in Pakistan not only does this but they help to treat the skin disease that damages the skin by clogging follicles with oil and dead cells. This disease is widely known to be acne.

Another benefit of whitening facial products in Pakistan is the removal of dark circles that hide the beauty of both eyes and the face skin. Few people have numerous age spots that spoil the whole image and face splendor of a person. Such creams are also finest treaters of these spots. During all these treatments, the softness of the skin is maintained and the skin remains safe from any kind of infections.

These creams that are added in the catalog of online marketplace known as Kaymu lack any of such ingredients that will have any side effects. The quality assurance team carefully observes the quality of the product before putting into the sale box. Moreover, in case of any query, Kaymu's team is always there to give the time for assistance. 24/7 availability makes it easier for the purchaser to come out of the time boundary and call whenever they are free. Before purchasing the whitening cream, you can carefully read the private policy and instructions on the website which are solid proves for winning customers' trust.

Shop a Range of Facial and Age Defying Creams in Pakistan

You can now say goodbye to dry skin and say hello to complete moisture with our collection of facial creams in Pakistan that are both whitening and moisturizing. Age-defying creams help to prevent wrinkles and spots leaving your skin unblemished and youthful.

Looking for facial kits online? Buy range of facial kits in Pakistan from Dermacos, Janssen and Lakme that include a pack of whitening creams.

You can also find an array of cosmetics and other face makeup in Pakistan online at Kaymu. Top-of-the-list are BB creams that are beauty balms playing the role of a moisturizer, sun block, face foundation and concealer, all at the same time. Other products include whitening pills that provide quick results by miraculously making your skin complexion fair in a few weeks' time.

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