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With summers coming up, electrical fans are probably one of the most essential household appliances. You can keep them either indoors: lounge, bedroom and lobby or place them outdoors: terrace, veranda, and even in the garden. The variety of electric fans in Pakistan available at Kaymu include Axial fans, roof fans, smoke fans, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, pedestal fans, atex fans, circulating fans and window or wall fans. These fans are efficient and don't cause heavy amounts of horsepower loss. Buy pedestal fans with consistent cooling, multiple sizes or configurations, better control, and 360 degree rotation at best prices only from Kaymu. They are lightweight, portable with adjustable speed settings, time and thermostat.

Prime Components of an Electric Fan

The name specifies that these electronics require electric power to operate. Following are the prime components of electric fans that are supposed to depict their functionalities individually.

  • The central motor
  • Rotating blades, usually three in number
  • Bottom stand
  • Dimmer for controlling speed

Types of Fans in Pakistan

Kaymu makes sure that you are never left disappointed with the choice of fans available online. Our sellers include the best fans retailers in Pakistan offering GFC fans, Anex fans, Pak fans, Sencor fans, Royal fans, Westpoint fans and other fans from all renowned brands.

Ceiling Fans

With Kaymu's variety of ceiling fans in Pakistan, you will never be left without options. We have fancy ceiling fans as well as simple ones, made to fit your requirements. The ceiling fans with fancy blades and lights can help you adding to your home decor. They come with dimmers that allow adjustable breeze. Moreover, they are available in many different colors to help you match or contrast with your home or office interior.

Rechargeable Fans

With the summer heat getting high every passing day and increasing shortage of electricity across the country, there is always a need of rechargeable fans. These battery operated fans are portable and offer from 2 to 4 hours of backup. Many rechargeable fans in Pakistan also come with LED lights to lighten up your room while there's power shutdown. You may place these fans indoors or outdoors depending on your requirements. Our sellers offer the best rechargeable fans prices in Pakistan so you can shop fans online without a hassle.

Solar Fans

Solar fans are categorized as rechargeable ones but gain the energy directly from the sun instead of electric switches.

Mist Fans

Mist fans which are also known as water fans in Pakistan are an innovation to the pedestal fans. The difference between pedestal fans and mist fans is that the mist fans come with a water bucket that, upon filling, throws sprinkles of water along with the air to give a cool and fresh feel. The difference between water fans price in Pakistan and the pedestal fans price in Pakistan is obvious; which is the misting feature.

Exhaust Fans

If you are seeking exhaust fans for your kitchen, bathroom, store room, for the office or for any other room, you may find the largest range of exhaust fans at Kaymu, manufactured by the leading electronic fans brands. Whether you want to enquire about the fans price in Pakistan or you want to buy one for your personal needs, trust Kaymu with free shipping and cash on delivery at your doorsteps.

Table Fans

Table or desktop fans are bit smaller in size but provide enough functionality to cool the room's surrounding. They have small stand and a powerful motor with three blades. Some fans also contain multiple blades comprising of multiple colors. The bottom of these fans is firm enough to smoothly stay on the surface of table.

Decorative Fans

Ornamental fans either have variety of shapes or consist of additional decorative accessories. Such fans can be hanged on the ceiling or placed on the table. The decorative ceiling fan resembles the chandeliers with beautiful crystal or pearl pieces. Nowadays the shapes like minions, cars and dolls are supported by electric fans to stimulate the mood of kids.

Pedestal Fans

Pedestal fans are the bigger versions of table fans. The design and structure is quite similar of both kinds but size varies pedestal electric fans are taller than the desktop ones and can be placed on the floor. These fans are common in Pakistani houses.

Potable Fans

Portable fans are well-recognized for their movability feature. They can be effortlessly carried and moved from one place to another. The light weight and small size makes it easy for anyone to keep it as an essential for journey. USB fans are quite interesting pieces of electric technologies that require the USB connectivity for showing the functionality. The compact sizes allow them to be easily kept in the backpacks.

Battery Fans

Battery fans require the same sort of battery cells that you put inside the wall clock. Just like portable fans, these are also small in size and usually offer convenience to one person at a time.

Bladeless Fans

The innovations in the field of information technology has formed a new sort of fan type which is bladeless. These bladeless fans consist of a ring and blow the air from it instead of any external blades. There are hidden blades inside the base which produce sufficient air to entertain multiple people simultaneously.

Get amused by the features of Electric Fans

Other than the primary components, electric fans consist of additional features. Remote control is supposed to operate on wireless mode. Electric fan controller wirelessly turns on and off the device. Moreover, it also allows the user to alter the speed and act as a dimmer. The oscillating head covers the blades and assists in cooling the larger area and spreading the air in uniform way. The expandable stand of pedestal and table fans help to change the height. Moreover, few electric fans comprise of timers to set the appropriate period for turning it off.