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No space is complete without proper furniture. Functionality of furniture is as important as its aesthetic appeal. While buying furniture in Pakistan you simply cannot compromise on either. Kaymu is Pakistan's biggest online shopping portal which has visually appealing and functional furniture in Pakistan for its customers with Free Shipping & Payment on Home delivery offer countrywide.

Home & Office Wooden Furniture Available at Best Prices

Buy hand carved ottomans, gold polish and intricate mother of pearl inlay for classic rooms, or black colored, straight line and modern design furniture for edgy contemporary rooms. When buying living room furniture, do not overlook the maintenance factor. Buying all white sofa would be extremely hard to clean and will start looking old very quickly. It is always better to choose neutral or dark colors. Also get access to all types of office furniture from popular brands such as Master Offises. Kaymu also has a wide variety of pakistani furniture online including bedroom furniture and inflatable furniture such as bed sets, dressers, sofa sets, dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, tables, laptop tables, office chairs and the list goes on and all at the most affordable prices.

Tips for Online Furniture Shopping in Pakistan

So you are ready to purchase furniture for your home? You need to follow some tips for online furniture shopping in pakistan, before you can finally purchase drawing room furniture or dining room furniture. Here are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing online furniture in pakistan:

Examine the finish

Before you buy furniture online in Pakistan, you need to make sure that it has a super fine finish, because a furniture with fine finish would enhance the overall look and value of your home. If you are opting for translucent furniture, the finish needs to be even and grain should show through however if you are opting for an opaque finish, the consistency should be even and shouldn't be bubbled.

Look Beneath the Surface

Before you evaluate the bed or sofa price in Pakistan, you need to look beneath the surface, to find out about the real quality of the furniture. To do this, you need to lift the cushions up or turn the furniture over to see how well it has been manufactured. The substandard furniture has screws and padding that is not sewn professionally. Same goes for bedroom furniture in Pakistan such as beds and room chairs etc. So you better look beneath the surface to know the real value of furniture before purchasing it.

Consider the Conditions

Before you decide to buy from an online furniture store in Pakistan or from a local furniture retail outlet, you need to check where you are going to place it and how it will be useful for you in your daily life. Besides, if you are planning to place furniture in front of a window or picture, you should choose furniture with plain finish instead of a printed one.

Kaymu has one of the largest collection of online furniture for sale in Pakistan. Whether you want bed set, sofas, sofa cum bed, revolving chairs, kids furniture, chairs or dining tables in Pakistan, you can get them online at cheap prices!

Shop for the finest Pakistani Furniture online at Kaymu

The furniture market in Pakistan has experienced a boom lately worldwide and Pakistan is no exception. Furniture is needed in all settings, be it home or workplace. Minor differences in quality of furniture can make all the difference in the world between comfortable and uncomfortable feeling. Beds, sofas, tables, chairs etc. have all become needs and you have to buy them. There are many brands, both local and international, which are manufacturing furniture of the highest quality. You can now get the best furniture price in Pakistan online at Kaymu.

How to Buy Furniture in Pakistan?

Buying a furniture is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of things to consider before investing in one. The room aesthetics, the type of material used, the quality of the build and the size of the furniture are all key considerations when looking for furniture. To help you out in this, the following guide will come in pretty handy.

What to Look for When Buying Furniture?

The first thing to consider is the room aesthetics. You have to keep in mind the nature and the overall theme of the room. For instance, if the room is small, then a large piece of furniture will look really out of place and will lend the overall room a pretty awkward appearance. Same goes with a larger room and a smaller piece of furniture. In this case, the room will feel really empty. Hence, taking into account the room size and aesthetics is really important.

The next thing is to decide, which furniture will go where. For kids' room, kids & babies furniture will be needed. This includes beds and sofas designed for kids. Other items like a study table will also be needed. For a living room, different items would be needed. So, the type of room should also be considered. When it comes to beds, there are many things to consider. First of all, the size. King sized and queen sized beds are common in most households. The mattresses used in them also have to be of quality in order to ensure maximum comfort. When it comes to sofa sets, you have to consider the quality of the wood as well as the lining of the cloth used in the sofa. Sofas are often accompanied by a coffee table, which lends the overall room a pretty comfy appearance. One thing is really important in all furniture items, never compromise on quality! Consider furniture as a one-time investment. Quality furniture will last for a long time.

Online Furniture Shopping in Pakistan Made Easy at Kaymu

Being the largest online shopping community in Pakistan, Kaymu has listed many great options for furniture. You can get your selected items delivered to your doorsteps and pay through easy modes like Cash on Delivery.

Buy Study Room Furniture in Pakistan Online

A study room is the most important room in the house yet it is often the most neglected. A multi-purpose home office lets couples to work quietly, to go online and to store goods. It is where you get most of your work done, kids do their homework and fathers can have friends over. Kaymu stocks some of the finest study room furniture in Pakistan that will make a study comfortable, warm and welcoming.

Buy sturdy bookshelves from to stock your precious collection of books and to organize binders and files. Classic console tables that are perfect to display your awards and medals. Kaymu has diverse collection of study tables in Pakistan as well, made from solid wood with excellent finish. Whether you prefer an L shaped desk, longer desk for two, leather top or high gloss wood. Kaymu has a wide variety of high quality low priced study tables at very reasonable prices, made just for you.Whether you are planning to furnish your home office or you want a comfortable and peaceful study room furnished for your kids, Kaymu can help you buying study room accessories and furniture in all designs and types. Being a home to country's renowned furniture retailers, Kaymu offers the best study room furniture prices in Pakistan. So gear up to buy the best furniture today by following a few simple steps.

Study Room Furniture Available in Pakistan

Kaymu Pakistan has not only the local made but also imported furniture in Pakistan. You can check for products suitable for your study room, make price comparisons between different retailers, check sellers' ratings, read customers' reviews and make the best decisions.

Tables and Chairs for Study Room

The tables and chairs need to be purchased while keeping the user's age in mind. If you are purchasing a table and chair for yourself, you'll have to make sure that its height suits you best and provides the maximum comfort while you work or study on it. On the other hand, if you are seeking chairs and tables for your little angels, you also need to know their age and find out if the furniture you have chosen is made for their age group or not. Besides, there are separate tables & chairs for study and then there are ones made specifically for laptop. Kaymu offers the best study and laptop table prices in Pakistan. The combination of wood and leather is known as the best when it comes to chairs for study rooms. Remember, a chair inappropriate in height can lead to back pain.

Huge Range of Study Room Furniture Available Online

Chairs and tables are the primary furniture for your study room whereas storage furniture is also second to none. The storage racks, shelves and drawers for CDs, DVD racks, books, documents, folders and for your laptop are vital part of a study room. So you need to buy storage furniture that matches with the theme of the room as well as with the table and chair that you have just bought. Besides, laptop stand in Pakistan has also become one of the necessary items when it comes to study room furniture and accessories.

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