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Headphones are small speakers designed to hold close to users' ears. The device may use wired or wireless connections to connect themselves to a signal source such as an MP3 player, audio amplifier, mobile phone or CD player. Some LED TVs and DVD players also come with headphone jacks these days. All headphones are defined through their sensitivity and impedance. Sensitivity is the measure of a transducer output when driven with a specific reference input. Nowadays, headphones concentrate more on noise canceling. However, you may notice intermittent problems with the sound quality if both your headphones and the signal source have noise cancellation features.

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Many headphones are highly customizable these days with different styles and ways of wearing them. Headphones are used both personally and professionally. Brands like Sonic Gear, Beats headphones, Audionic, Pioneer, AKG, Samsung, Creative and Sony headphones are among the best headphones in Pakistan. Not too long ago, Sony initiated steps towards innovative features such as noise cancellation or isolation to produce better sound quality. As a consumer, you have various headphone designs to choose from - the supra-aural (pads that sit on top of the ears, rather than around them), open or closed back (open back allows more ambient sound into the headphone while closed back is the type that encloses your ears to reflect sound around them). At you can search the latest headphones brands with latest updated headphones prices in Pakistan at the comfort of your home and place.

Types of Headphones Available at Kaymu Pakistan

Kaymu Pakistan makes sure that you are never left without choices when searching online for headphones. No matter the type of headphones you require, Kaymu's online variety will never leave you disappointed.

Earbud Headphones

Manufactured in a smaller size, the earbud headphones in Pakistan fit the outer ear. These headphones do not come with a headband and are lightweight. Due to compact size, they are easy to carry and this is why many people prefer buying earbud headphones. The earbuds are inexpensive and more popular than any other types of headphones.

In-Ear Headphones

The in-ear headphones, as the name tells, are smaller in size, without headband and go straight into the ear canal. These are less likely to fall out than the earbuds and provide almost complete isolation from the external noise. Since they are inserted directly into the ear canal, the in-ear headphones offer great sound quality.

Over-Ear Headphones

The over-ear headphones are also known as the circumaural or full-size headphones. They come with a headband and the ear cups that cover the entire year. The over-ear headphones contain quite thick padding that makes them easy to wear for long time durations.

On-Ear Headphones

The on-ear headphones are also known as the supra aural headphones. They come with cushioned speakers as well as a cushioned headband (usually) and are made for extreme comfort. They look like full size headphones however are much lighter and smaller than them.

Headset Headphones

Those who want to make use of headphones for listening to music as well as for two way communications over skype and other voice applications should opt for headset headphones. These headphones come with a built-in microphone and produce great quality sound.

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With all mobile phones now having an MP3 player, mobile headphones have become a necessity for a complete phone experience. With a large variety of mobile headphones to choose from, it is best to know what headphones have the best sound and adapt well with your phones. Buy the best headphones in Pakistan such as Logitech, A4Tech, Audionic, Skull Candy, Bose headphones and beats mobile headphones in Pakistan online at Kaymu with other Bluetooth headphones.

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It is hard enough to find trusted sellers for such international brands, so buy mobile headphones in Pakistan online at best available prices from Kaymu. For the ultimate in convenience also find wireless Bluetooth mobile headphones in Pakistan online at Kaymu, Pakistan's #1 Marketplace. We offer the best headphone prices in Pakistan online with the convenience of Fast Shipping and Cash on Delivery all over Pakistan.

Latest Headphones Variety Available Online at Kaymu

Are you tired of searching for your desired brand of headphones and other mobile accessories? Don't panic. If you need quality and reliable headphone and other accessories for your mobile phone, then you are at the right place. Kaymu offers you with one of the finest qualities of mobile accessories such as headphones being the top priority for today's generation. Mobile phones are the new necessity for current users who spend thousands of rupees on getting a durable handset. Then why should you compromise on the quality of headphones? Say goodbye to local thugs who deceive their customers by selling poor quality mobile accessories. Now shop from the ever reliable website, Kaymu, to get highly durable hands free at amazingly economical prices.

Now you can get a huge variety of headphones in Pakistan. Kaymu has an entire set of brand collection to make your life easy. Now you don't need to survey a bundle of markets to find reliable headphones. Click the set that appeals you the most and view all the detailed features of that hands free listed below the product. Detailed information is provided beforehand to ease your buying experience with us. Select the hands free that matches your choice and demand. Kaymu has an amazing variety of all the leading brands such as Beats headphones, Sony hands free, Jabra Bluetooth, iPhone handsfree, Samsung and A4tech headphones with other range of variety.

Latest Bluetooth and Wireless Headphones in Pakistan

Technology has transformed the entire concept of mobile devices and incorporated new advanced features in mobile phones. Special advanced headphones are available in Pakistan, including Bluetooth headsets, which are designed to cater the specific needs of customers these days. Wireless headphones are another category which is a prerequisite in current technological era.

Diverse variety of headphones is available in Pakistan from the international, reputable and leading companies of mobile devices and other electronic devices. Bluetooth headphones prices in Pakistan are relative to the brand they are produced by. Exciting offers are available to get the best package of headphones in Pakistan.

Kaymu also has a unique collection of colorful headphones for girls. Get compatible and reliable hands free set with Bluetooth support to give you high quality wireless playback. Find out the amazing headphones prices in Pakistan by reviewing Kaymu.

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Technology has advanced at a rapid pace and we have seen considerable improvements in a range of consumer electronics and accessories. One key accessory which has also improved a lot is the headphone. Headphones allow you to listen to quality audio by removing external noises. You can also take calls and communicate via headphones. There are numerous brands of headphones being offered in Pakistan. You can now buy a range of quality earphones in Pakistan online at amazing prices right here at Kaymu.

How to Buy Headphones and Earphones

There are numerous types of headphones and earphones being sold in the market. For most people, knowing which type is best for them can be a bit tricky because of the uniqueness of each variant. The following comprehensive guide will help you in this regards.

What to Look for when Buying Headphones and Earphones

The first thing to consider is your needs and requirements. This is important because only then will you be able to pick the right headphone. For instance, if you take calls and communicate via headphones on the go, you would want a hands free best suited for this purpose. Sony hands free is a great choice for this purpose as it offers quality and unparalleled performance. On the other hand, if you have an active lifestyle and use headphones when working out, you would be best suited for wireless headphones. Wireless headphones function through Bluetooth technology. By using wireless headphones, you no longer would get all tangled up in wires. You can simply put on the headphone whenever and wherever needed. But be sure to check the compatibility of the headphones. Not all Bluetooth headphones are compatible with all devices. So ensure that the wireless headphone is compatible. Another great way to avoid getting tangled up in wires is zipper hands free. Zipper hands free, as the name suggests, function like a zip and by zipping them up before placing them in your pocket will reduce wire tangles to a great extent.

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Kaymu is the largest marketplace for online shopping in Pakistan where verified sellers are selling quality hands free at unbelievable prices. Based on your needs and budget, you can pick out the perfect headset for yourself and enjoy quality audio on the go. You can also find the best deals and get your desired item delivered to your doorsteps in a matter of a few days. You can take full advantage of the easy modes of payment like Cash on Delivery as well as effective return policies which Kaymu offers. In case of any problem or guidance, you can always communicate with the customer service representatives available round the clock.

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