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It is not possible to imagine a household without home appliances in the contemporary era, in which they have literally assumed the status of household essentials. They have made our lives easier, simpler and convenient than ever before, so much, that we simply cannot do without them. Buy reliable and durable home appliances in Pakistan from Kaymu at extremely affordable prices. Kaymu is offering buyers with a number of discount deals which reduce the cost of products that they want to buy. From air conditioners to washing machines to massage chairs, heaters as well as refrigerators, you name it, we have it! Shop from brands like WestPoint, Braun, Singer, Dawlance, Haier, Samsung and Kenwood. Make your purchases of these durable home appliances at Kaymu.

Different Types of Household Appliances Available Online

Kaymu is offering their buyers with a huge collection of home appliance by several brands. Shoppers can easily get their preferred household appliances at Kaymu.

Air Conditioners

Beat the summer heat with air conditioners available from the best seller brands including Haier, PEL, LG and Panasonic. You can also buy portable air conditioners at Kaymu Pakistan that have taken expediency to a whole new level.


Food steamers are kitchen appliances that are used to cook food via steam heat at a given pressure. The food is kept inside a closed vessel that allows it to be steam cooked. Buy steamers from Kaymu and revere a complete cooking experience. Buyers can also purchase baby steamers here which are designed to cook food for babies only. The temperature levels are much more controlled as compared to regular steamers.


An iron is a handheld appliance that helps to press clothes by removing creases from them. Buy iron stands and portable irons to accompany you while you are travelling. There are several iron steamer designs that buyers can get to steam their clothes as well as iron them. Choose from among the best-in-class brands such as Samsung, Anex and Pigeon.

Washing Machines

Stay relieved of hand washing with our efficient and super reliable washing machines that save you much needed time and energy. In the modern world on electronics, buyers can now buy automatic washing machines which have gained a lot of popularity these days. The automatic washing machines clean the clothes without having to add water or cleaning powder. The machine add everything itself and dries the clothes as well.

Vacuum Cleaners

Buy vacuum cleaners from Kaymu to allow convenient and easy cleaning from the shadiest nooks and corners of your home. Available in a range of sizes and models, you can choose according to your needs as well as price range.

Electric Fans

Buy electric fans at Kaymu Pakistan that are portable and easily adjustable at any place. You can also find rechargeable fans that would not stop their cooling even in the absence of power supply. These are powered by a rechargeable battery and come in extremely handy in times of load shedding and power breakdowns. Other home appliances or devices include light bulbs & energy savers, heaters, generators etc.

Tips for Buying Home Appliances Online

Important factors to keep in mind are the durability of the appliance in question and the reliability of the brand it comes from. Nowadays, there is a greater emphasis on portable and compact appliances that you can carry around easily while travelling. In addition, the performance and efficiency of an appliance are also crucial factors. There is a greater trend towards energy-efficient appliances that do not consume excessive power, but in fact help to save it. Different models vary based on their energy consumption so look for the right model when shopping from Kaymu. Also it is important to keep a budget in mind which will allow you to buy products within that range. Also buyers can now buy high quality products at low prices. Kaymu is always providing their buyers with several discount deals which reduce household appliances prices in Pakistan that you want to buy online.

A Wholesome Experience of Online Household Appliances Shopping in Pakistan

Order now and benefit from free shipping and cash on delivery at your doorstep. Orders can now be placed online via Kaymu's mobile app for shoppers in Pakistan allowing them to buy durable home appliances through a tap on their smartphones. The rules at Kaymu are very easy as all the buyers has to do is first make their Kaymu account. After you have filled in the all the important requirements for the account, start ordering for home appliances online at Kaymu. Once the order has been completed, all the products will be shipped at your doorstep anywhere in Pakistan. The mode of payment is cash on delivery or buyers do have the option of paying with their card and make a money transfer.

All the home appliances are available by authentic brands and sold by certified sellers. This gives a guarantee that the home appliance at Kaymu are of excellent quality. For help, buyers can contact us by calling on the numbers provided. The live chat facility or email option can also be used for a response. The sellers can also be contacted directly for any product related information. For a quicker buying decision, the buyers can read up on the customer reviews and look at the product ratings. The customer reviews will help the buyers know about other customer's opinion on a type of home appliance. The product ratings will help determine the bestseller products which were liked by other buyers.

Also it is highly recommended to look at the seller's ratings. There are thousands of sellers at Kaymu, buyers should buy products from the best sellers. For that team Kaymu has seller ratings for the buyers to make a better decision of picking the sellers. So go ahead and choose from millions of home appliances by several brands and get the perfect ones for yourself. Avail thousands of discount deals and bundle deals to have a fun shopping spree at Kaymu!

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