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Apple products have managed to create quite a fan following all over the globe and consumers in Pakistan are no different! Apple products such as iPods, iPads, MacBooks and especially iPhones have a large market share in Pakistan. Apple was one of the pioneer companies that revolutionized and remodeled smartphones that we now have today. With amazing designs and awe-inspiring technology, the Apple bandwagon has managed to get millions of people onboard with their cutting edge technology and distinctive style.

The user interface of the iPhone series is based on the device's multi-touch screen which features one of the most user-friendly virtual keyboard with a dynamic dictionary that learns and stores new words. It also has an auto spell check and incredible predictive capabilities that make texting and typing a breeze, and gets you hooked onto it in no time.

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The latest iPhones to have hit the market, creating massive waves, is the iconic and revolutionary iPhone 6 and 6 Plus series. With the iPhone 6 range, Apple has managed to outdo itself and created a much bigger and sleeker phone - with all the latest technology packaged in a beautiful slim design in beautiful space grey, silver and gold colors.

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The trend to buy Apple phones online has been very popular in Pakistan and Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus5 in Pakistan is the latest craze and is here to stay! Browse Kaymu to check out regularly updated mobile prices in Pakistan and compare iPhone 6 specifications and prices in Pakistan, as well as iPhone 6 16GB prices in Pakistan and iPhone 6 plus or Apple iPhone 5 price in Pakistan and buy the best iPhone that fits your requirements and budget of your choice. The phone of your dreams will be delivered right to your doorstep so shop away and stay up-to-date on all the latest Apple technology!

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When it comes to innovation, Apple is the first brand that comes to mind. Founded in 1976 in California, USA, Apple is the leading smartphone brand in the world and is strongly associated with innovative products. It made a name first through its quality computers but in the last decade, has reached unparalleled heights thanks to its iPhone. The iPhone has truly revolutionized the way people live their daily lives. The iPhone was equipped with never heard before features and truly captured the minds and imaginations of masses. Now, every year, Apple releases new iPhones, each better than the previous models. The iPhone 5S was one of the bestselling iPhones by Apple Pakistan. You can now get the best iPhone prices in Pakistan online at Kaymu.

How to do iPhone Mobiles Online Shopping

The iPhone is always high in demand. People all over the world eagerly await the newest iPhone variant and want to be the first one to get their hands on the phone. Such is the mass appeal of the device. But a person with limited knowledge interested in buying an iPhone may not know which one to buy. There are so many variants of iPhone. Some are new while some are older but still valid but latest iphone prices vary considerably as well. In order to help you pick out the perfect iPhone for yourself, the following comprehensive guide will be really useful.

What to Look for When Buying iPhones Online

There are a few key considerations to make when buying iPhones.

Consider your needs: The first thing to consider is your needs. Knowing what you require out of your phone will go a long way in determining which phone is right for you. In needs, you must know what you will be doing with the phone. For instance, if you want to multitask, take pictures, play high resolution video games and videos, and take full advantage of the smartphone, then the flagship iPhone will be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you just want to make calls or messages and do simple browsing, then an older variant of the iPhone will suffice.

Match needs with specs: Once you have determined your needs, you need to browse through different phones to see which phone best matches your requirements. In the specs, keep an eye on RAM, processor, camera and battery life. Higher the RAM and processor, more powerful and faster the phone will be. The megapixels and lens quality are determinants of camera's quality. You also want the phone to last a full day at least, so keep an eye out on the battery life as well.

Warranty: Warranty is an important part if any electronics purchase. At least a year of warranty should always be preferred. This warranty would cover and repair free of cost any defects or malfunctioning the phone may face.

Price:Apple iphone prices are major consideration for most people. Apple has always targeted the premium market segments. But it backs its high price with premium features which few brands can rival. In case you are looking for value for money, you can buy older variants of iPhone, which will be priced considerably less than the flagship models.