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When Kodak was first formed in 1878, the founder, George Eastman, was one of the first inventors of dry plates for cameras. His invention changed the way plates were developed, making it easier and cheaper. Twenty years later, the first pocket camera was in production and photography was changed forever. By the 1930's, when colour film was introduced, the company was the most innovative company in the industry. With the invention of the "Instamatik" amateur photography became a popular hobby and photographs were not just for weddings or special occasions. Video cameras were also starting to become more popular, although many people still preferred to use still cameras. Other divisions of the company concentrated more on developing technology in the world of cinema.

Kodak cameras are still at the forefront of the field

In today's world, Kodak is still one of the best known names in photography. Now, however, the market is moving away from traditional cameras with film to be developed, and over to digital cameras where images can be downloaded to a PC or laptop and edited. In a world where many people own smartphones with built in cameras that enable them to share their photographs instantly, companies producing cameras have to produce technology to make their products desirable. Cameras are available worldwide, both online and in many high street shops, but each camera has different features and may not be suitable for everyone. Choosing the right camera for your needs is important, so research is crucial. A simple "point and click" camera would work very well for someone going on holiday, but a professional photographer or someone who takes their photography hobby seriously will need something a bit more specialised. Many digital cameras also come with specialised software to enable easy downloading and editing.