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Latest Variety of Light Bulbs and Energy Savers in Pakistan

Lights and bulbs have different varieties, types and their functions also vary depending on what type of lighting is required and for which area. Hence, there are different kinds of lights and bulbs introduced to give relevant light effects for a particular place. There are household bulbs that are specifically used for home lighting needs, and some are task lights that are used for specific tasks.

Lights also vary in terms of energy they use and how efficient those lights are as compared to others. Like solar lights in Pakistan are quite popular these days because of electricity issue. Lights and bulbs in Pakistan are available in huge variety however it is highly recommended to check their shelf life because low quality bulbs such as Tungsten bulbs cost you more than getting good quality energy efficient bulbs in Pakistan.

To buy the best range of stylish and efficient lights, bulbs and lamps, is the best place to visit. This is one of the biggest online marketplaces in Pakistan having a wide range of different types of lights and bulbs to suit your needs. We have all kinds of LED lights and general lights for your home, office, shop, and other places use at the best possible price. Along with this, we have products from many famous brands such as Philips lights on special discounts.

Types of Light Bulbs in Pakistan

Lights and bulbs are available in distinct designs, styles and also with different energy features. There are solar lights available that you can use for outdoor lighting like in your garden, park. We have a huge collection of LED lights in Pakistan that are quite effective and popular and used in your home, office, shop lighting. LED lights are best alternative to old tungsten lights as they are energy efficient and work longer for residential, industrial or commercial use. The LED lights come in distinct shapes, designs and variety to suit your location. Currently, we have the lowest led lights price in Pakistan for our wide customer base.

The energy savers or energy saver bulbs are in huge demand especially for home and commercial use because they cost less and offer better lighting for long term. You can buy different kinds of energy savers of different volts depending on your usage. We have the best of brands for energy savers such as Philips lights are the best in this category.

There are indoor and outdoor light bulbs as well. Outdoor light bulbs are mostly different because they are able to withstand higher temperatures along with being able to deflect moisture. Outdoor bulbs are slightly more expensive as they higher features. Many Osaka led bulbs can be used as outdoor bulbs in Pakistan.

You can also explore our wide variety of portable emergency lights such as LED torch, LED ceiling lights, rechargeable lamps, USB LED lamps, and some very attractive styles of table lights for study purpose and low light effects usually seen in restaurants or bedrooms. Explore an extensive variety of all kinds of lighting used for your residential and commercial purpose at Kaymu with the best prices. We offer the cheapest bulbs prices in Pakistan with great variety and also from the best quality brands like LG lights, Philips etc.

Whether your need is commercial or residential, Kaymu offers you great chance of online shopping for the latest and affordable variety of night lights and bulbs. We have a great range to find the best kind of lights in Pakistan with the best prices.

Consider the Light Bulb Fixture

The light bulb fixture base greatly affects the choice of your light bulb. Each base is suited for a different setting and you should always check before buying it. When it comes to light bulb bases, there are three types. The first one is the screw in type which is one of the most common ones in Pakistan. These have a metal thread and are fixed into place by twisting it into a clockwise direction in the setting. Bayonet light bulbs have a smooth metal base and has two pins coming out of it. This are easy to fit as you just have to align the pins into the holes and give it a little twist. Pin light bulbs are very small in nature and they just have to be placed into the right hole for the proper fix.

Take into account the Color of the Light Bulb

The color of the light bulb is also a very important factor. There are two types of lights which are the white light and the warm light. Warm lights are considered to be more appealing to the eyes and are generally used in many homes and comfortable settings. White ones are better in reading lights and are used in offices and public spaces for a higher amount of light.

The Shape of the Light Bulb Matters

When it comes to light bulbs, there are many shapes that you can use. The A-line is the most common one and is used in many lamps at home or in an office setting. The globe shape bulb is a circular one that often has no shade and provides a high amount of light. The candle bulb is a decorative bulb that is in the shape of a candle flame. It is generally used in chandeliers and has many dimmer settings. The Torpedo bulb is a very small sized bulb that is placed in smaller fixtures.

A Product for All your Needs at Kaymu

Kaymu has the largest range of light bulbs in Pakistan. You can easily find what you need right here by using a number of search options such as search by product name, by product type and by price range. All products being sold here are genuine and you will love what you buy. Shop now and find some amazing deals. Also, don't forget to check out some great discounts on led bulbs price in Pakistan at our page.

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