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Although often over looked, lip care forms a very important part of your daily beauty routine. Lips are one of the most prominent features on the face, second only to the eyes. Fuller lips are considered a sign of beauty, however, a set of shiny white teeth are significant factors in enhancing the quality of your smile. Lips need to be taken care of as they can easily become dry and chapped. For this reason, chap sticks or lip balms should occupy a permanent position in your makeup pouch. If you want to opt for a natural look, stick to neutral or colorless chap sticks that provides the necessary moisture to your lips. During the daytime, a light, natural-looking lip color is enough to add some personality to your face without being too over-the-top. Light pinks and peaches are considered to be appropriate colors for lips makeup in Pakistan. However, if you want to turn your look from casual to fancy without much effort, just dab on a bold red lipstick and you 're good to go. Red is a classic hue for the lips as it makes your face go from dull to exciting in just one swipe as well as making your pearly white teeth shine even brighter. You can also experiment with unconventional lip gloss colors & shades such as purple and indigo if you want to make a fashion statement of your own.

Kaymu features all the major cosmetics brands including Maybelline, L'Oreal, Color Studio Professional, Essence, Dior, MAC, Medora, Christine, Lakme, Revlon and Rimmel among many others available in various lip shades & colors to bring you the best in lip balms, lip stains, lipsticks, lip shiners and lip glosses in Pakistan. Feast your eyes on our exciting collection on Kaymu. Start shopping with us today and enjoy our free shipping & payment on delivery offer all over Pakistan!

Types of Lipsticks in Pakistan Available Online at Kaymu

There are many different types of lipsticks available at Kaymu 's online marketplace. There are moisturizing lipsticks to give you a shiny and moist look with the help of special moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, aloe etc. Then we have cream lipsticks to give a flat and rich color to your lips with extra wax, satin or sheer lipsticks to give glossy and transparent look to lips via increased oil, anti-aging lipsticks to give you smooth and moist lips via special serum that makes wrinkles least visible, matte lipsticks for giving a matte finish to your lips via high pigments, pearl lipsticks for ensuring softer and glowing lips with the help of more iridescence, long-wearing lipsticks to increase the longevity of wear, metallic lipsticks to give rich and metallic look to the lips mineral lipsticks for those who seek a natural look and we have lip liquid for shiny and rich-colored lips.

With Kaymu 's online shopping community, you can find full variety of lip makeup products in Pakistan which include lip glosses, lip liners, lip brushes, lip conditioners and lip primers.

Add Colour to your Life with a Lipstick

Lipstick is a fashion accessory no woman can ignore. When you 're in a hurry, you may forget doing any makeup on your face but once you apply a lipstick, it transforms your face and enhances your beauty. For health purpose, it is mostly used to moisturize your lips and protect them from getting dry.

You want to boost your confidence and make your day better? Instantly apply a lipstick and feel the change. It will make you look gorgeous and you will get all the attention you deserve. Though online lip makeup shopping in Pakistan can be tricky, but Kaymu offers a variety of lipsticks of top-notch brands, in various shades and colours.

Buy Affordable Branded Lipsticks in Pakistan

Various fashion brands have cosmetics that include lipsticks of different colours. There is a tough competition among quality brands in creating lipsticks that are made of ingredients which are medically proven.

Lipsticks are available in many forms, including liquid lipsticks which add shine to you lips and matte lipsticks which are flat and have high pigment and so are intensely coloured, such as Mac lipsticks. You can also search for variety of other brands at Kaymu which will offer budget friendly lipsticks along with free shipment facility to the customers.

Guide to Buying the Right Lipstick

Since a number of online retailers are offering lipsticks to consumers at various prices, it often becomes quite a challenge as to which one to choose. Here 's some tips you need to consider when you buy lipsticks online.

  • Keep your budget in mind when shopping for a lipstick. Though a good quality lipstick is an investment, since it will last long, but you still need to shop carefully. Lakme lips makeup launched by the brand are quite economical and can be worn for long hours. Available in various forms, these lipsticks are becoming increasingly popular today.

  • Next comes the type of lipstick. Since applying and reapplying a lipstick is often frustrating, choose the type of lipstick that is convenient to put on and remove. There are matte lipsticks, metallic lipsticks, anti-aging lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, etc. some are rich in color so that they can be worn for long while some give your lips a smooth and shiny look. Maybelline lips makeup, for example have since long been producing sensual lipsticks which are always in great demand because of the product reliability.

  • Choosing the right colour of your lipstick depends on your mood and preference. There are neutral as well as vibrant shades of lipsticks most often, women buy lipsticks that can be applied on various outfits. Medora lips makeup have such a huge color pallet that you can easily choose your favorite one.

Lip Balms and Moisturizer

To add shine to your lips and keep them healthy, lip balms in Pakistan are available at Kaymu. They help you nourish your lips and protect them from being hydrated. These are also available in different flavors. These are used every day so the baby lips price in Pakistan is quite economical at Kaymu.

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