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A multinational Swiss company, Logitech designs and develops tablets and computer accessories. It was founded in 1981 by Daniel Borel, Pierluigi Zappacosta, and Giacomo Marini. The company initially made computer mice and later developed a variety of other computer accessories. It focuses on quality and innovation so that the user can have a worthwhile experience of the digital world. Logitech online shopping can be done through its online store that caters to the customers in a large number of countries. Due to its product design, genius craftsmanship and expertise, the company has earned a prestigious name for itself in the global market.

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Logitech develops products that are comfortable and convenient to use. These products are used for both personal and professional use. Since there is no Logitech online store in Pakistan, you can buy the required products online from Kaymu which offers reliable products of the brand. All the latest products developed by the company are also available here. Logitech products price is quite affordable at Kaymu, especially for the mid-range users. Developing peripheral devices for computers and tablets, Logitech is popular among the customers. All its product have advanced features and functionality, and each new product is more upgraded than its predecessor.

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Technology is everywhere around us, making us more advanced. Logitech products in Pakistan have revolutionized our society enabling us to improve our communications and digitalize our world at every step. There are a number of products available at Logitech Pakistan, so let's have a look at a few of them.

Mouse: Some of the computer mouse by Logitech are wireless so that they can be easily used at any place. They have a compact design so that they can fit into the palm of your hands. Made of high quality materials, these mice are durable. They often have a light turned on when the mouse is connected to a device, either tablet or computer. Some advanced mice have Bluetooth connectivity in them so that they are compatible with enabled with Bluetooth. Some mice have a sculpted trackball attached to them so that you can rest your arm on them.

Keyboards: These are available in different sizes and designs. Some are Logitech wireless keyboards while others are corded. There are also Bluetooth keyboards so that you can connect your smartphone, tablet or computer with them. These are sleek in design and have a broad user interface. The keys are often illuminated in some keyboards so that you can conveniently use the product in the dark. They keys are well-spaced together so that your speed for typing is not affected.

Presenters: There are presenters having laser pointer to keep up your focus on the presentation. You can also navigate the presentation and control the slideshows. These presenters have an LCD display and can be used from a distance. These presenters are powered through batteries which are rechargeable. They have smooth buttons that are quite responsive to touch.