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Importance of SD Cards

Smartphones are being widely used all over the world. These have revolutionized the human society. Due to their advanced features and functions, these are in high demand everywhere. With the launch of smartphone, its accessories are also being produced in the market to enhance its performance. SD cards are a major smartphone accessory that are inserted into the mobile phones. These are compact cards that write the data and contain a huge capacity of memory to allow pictures, videos, music, etc. to be easily stored in the phones. SD cards for mobile phones also contain Fat file system which provides transfer modes to the cards.

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Due to their importance regarding the memory and storage, SD cards are considered an essential mobile phone & tablet accessory. Without an SD card, your smartphone will be able to perform only the basic functions. Many of the advanced features of the smartphone are related to these cards. There are different SD cards for different phones. Whether you have a smartphone or a featured phone, an SD card is a must. There are a variety of SD cards in Pakistan available online at Kaymu which are durable and reliable. SD memory cards price in Pakistan is quite affordable at Kaymu so that these are accessible to a large customer base.

How to Buy SD Cards for Phones?

Apart from being used in smartphones, memory cards in Pakistan are used in a variety of devices including tablets, digital cameras, camcorders, etc. Not all the SD cards are similar in size and design. When you decide to buy an SD card, there are certain features you must look for before placing your order.

Speed: Different SD cards have different speeds. If you require to save a lot of stuff directly into the SD cards of your smartphones, then there speed must also be high. However, if you simply save a few pictures or videos in the phone, then an SD card with normal speed is enough. The speed of an SD card is measured through speed class. These speeds include 2, 4, 6, and 10, among which 2 is the slowest and 10 is the highest. The speed of the card is written on the card itself so that the customers can select the speed according to their phone usability.

Physical size: There are three sizes of SD cards; standard- size, micro SD, and mini SD cards. Micro SD cards are commonly used in mobile phones. The size of the SD card is based on the slot size. Some phones have a bigger SD slot than others, therefore the size of SD card in these phones will also be a bit larger.

Capacity: Just like flash drives and hard drives, SD cards also provide storage capacity for the mobile phones. The capacity varies, mostly 1MB to 4GB in size. Based on your needs, you can select the capacity of these cards.

Compatibility: Most mobile phones use cards made by any number of brands. However, there are some cards that that are designed by the specific mobile phone companies for specific phones only.

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