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Eastern Wear- The Traditional Pakistani Dresses for Men

Pakistani men have unique sense of styling as they carry both eastern and western dresses elegantly. Pakistani dresses for men usually comprises of mixture of eastern and western dresses because our diverse occasional needs require us to adopt both types of clothing. Where western dresses have taken over our Pakistani traditional dresses, still there is great demand for eastern style of dressing among men. In fact, various well established brands and Pakistani dress designers have come up with their exquisite range for eastern clothing for men. Since they have realized the importance and demand for our cultural dresses, they have successfully targeted the market with designer eastern clothing for men. This rise in styling of eastern wear for men has really changed the perception of eastern wear. Now various celebrities also endorse eastern wear at various casual and formal occasions as they are the true ambassadors of our cultural values.

Men's Eastern Clothing in Pakistan is the Latest Trendy Fashion

Pakistani dress designs have truly mesmerized the world with their traditional yet alluring styles. Our designers are gaining massive response from world over as they are coming up with striking combination of eastern clothing with trendy designs. Recently, Deepak Perwani, a well known Paki designer for Sherwanis, Shalwar Suits, and Kurta Shalwar, was awarded for being the best designer by French Fashion Industry. Similarly, many other Pakistani dress designers such as Junaid Jamshed, Amir Adnan etc. are coming up with exciting men's eastern clothing collection in Pakistan in every season to meet the demand and bring diversity to the men's traditional dresses.

Latest Men's Eastern Pakistani Dresses of 2016

The eastern wear for men is typical shalwar kameez which is now available in extensive designs, style and color schemes. Shalwar Kameez is worn on both formal and informal occasions. However, it totally depends on men that what is their preference or requirement. Some men prefer to wear it at home only as the feel relaxed and comfortable in it. While some want to wear it on semi-formal gatherings like family dinners, friends meet up etc. Some men only wear shalwar kameez as they are close to traditional values. Hence, whatever your choice is, you opt for shalwar kameez as per your needs but in compliance with the latest fashion.

Currently all types of shalwar kameez are popular in men. Usually young men go for men's kurtas with lining or stripes print in exotic colors with plain white shalwar. Some middle aged or old men go with subtle plain shalwar suits with same colored shalwar kameez with a little embroidery on neck front. The trend of colored kurtas with unique designs is getting popular among young boys and men. They often wear them on weddings, for Friday prayers, and Eid specially. Similarly, waistcoats and shawls also depend on personal choice.

Buy Latest Men's Pakistani Dresses Online

There is a massive collection of shalwar kameez and other traditional Pakistani dresses online store of Kaymu. If you are looking for a stylish, elegant and trendy shalwar suit, then here you can get all the latest variety of Pakistani dresses for Men that are in fashion.

Shop for Trendy Men's Waistcoats in Pakistan at Kaymu

Although, waistcoats are originally a part of men's conventional eastern clothing in Pakistan, they are now considered a contemporary essential and highly trendy items of clothing. The waistcoat, with its fine fit surpasses all occasions and dress codes with comfort still allowing reasonable room for experimentation with layering. It is a clothing for all occasions and seasons. In summers, it will give you a stylish and hip look, leaving your arms and neck relaxed, allowing you to replace your coat. In winters, the fabric changes to a warmer wool in a deeper tone, such as navy blue or brown, allowing you to add profundity on formal occasions.

There is a great demand for these clothing items in the whole of Pakistan. In order to satisfy it, there are a number of designs and styles that you can choose from when it comes to waistcoat online shopping at Kaymu. These pieces have been specially developed and are being sold by many sellers online. If you want to jump onboard the Pakistani Waistcoats craze, then you are at the right place. Find all these at the best possible prices there can be.

A Multitude of Fabrics and Designs used in Waist Coats for men

Pakistani waistcoats are additionally available in a range of fabrics, designs and styles such as cotton, khaadi, sweat fabric, Ajrak fabric, velvet waistcoats, corduroy, sherwanis, jamawar, and Indian silk. Since, the Pakistani style of waistcoats has incorporated western in addition to eastern trends in waistcoat styles, we have available a remarkable range of both. Western style waistcoats have been designed to accompany your dress suits, jeans and shirts. Eastern style waistcoats, on the other hand, are good to go with a pair of shalwar kameez.

Ajrak is a smooth fabric made in Sindh which consists of unique block-printed designs and patterns. Traditional waistcoats made from Ajrak are also available at our online portal. We also have the conventional Peshawari style waistcoats for men looking for a more traditional appeal.

If you consider western formal clothing, make sure that your waistcoat and your suit jacket is of the same material and almost the same color so that they can be in harmony with each other. If you have the intention of wearing a different colored waistcoat than that of the jacket, then make sure to make it highly in contrast for a better appeal.

Creativity in Waistcoat Styling

Men can choose to style their waistcoats in a number of ways. It can act as a big replacement for a coat/jacket in summers and look perfect with a dress shirt and suit trousers/pants on formal occasions. You can choose from our extremely cool range of hues and designs.

If you are looking for a waistcoat to wear along with your kurta, both these products are also available together. You can flaunt your shalwar kameez with a trendy waistcoat and dress to perfection on both casual and formal occasions. Furthermore, if you are looking for a waistcoat to accompany jeans and a shirt, for an evening out with friends, choose our sweat fabric grey waistcoat with a white checkered shirt, a pair of light blue jeans with brown slip-on shoes, and steal the show! You can wear this with chinos as well if you want to pull off a semi-formal look or you may be looking to attend a casual meeting.

This waistcoat shalwar kameez style is a much loved one by many people that belong to the younger and older generation. This are a custom to wear as Pakistani weddings as people can coordinate with each other or they can look highly formal in it. Some people from the older generation also wears this as a normal affair as it is a very graceful attire to pull off.

Another innovative way to style your waistcoats in winters is to wear them in layers such as over a pair of pants with a stylish coat, shirt and a tie. An alternative to this are the Velvet and Corduroy waistcoats especially designed to beat the chilly winters.

Keep the Fit and the Size in Mind

When buying the perfect waistcoat for you, always keep the size in mind. When buying products online, you need to be sure regarding the size so that you can get the one that suits you the best. Read the measurements and descriptions provided along with the clothing item and compare it to the one that you already have with you.

The most important point here is that the waistcoat is supposed to fit really well such as that it is body hugging. It is important that it should cover the waistband of the trousers so that it looks neat and proper.

Finding all that you need at Kaymu

Kaymu is your one stop solution for all your waistcoat needs. Here we have a huge range that will leave you stunned. With all the variety and all the styles, there is so much for everyone right here. You can search for the clothing item that you like by using the search by product name, by product category, by size and by price range. This will help you find what you need.

You need not worry about the quality and the styling as we guarantee that you will get the best. Each of the product is being sold by a number of verified sellers that have been checked by a system developed by the company. The sellers are also given rankings that are displayed via ribbons. The prices being offered are the lowest ones out there and there are discounts being offered on a number of different products as well.

So shop now in the comfort of your home and order what you like. Once you have placed the order, simply wait till it is delivered at your doorstep. Then, you can easily pay cash on delivery. So don't wait and shop away.

Hope you have an amazing online shopping experience at Kaymu!

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