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Buy Men's Long Sleeve T-shirts Online in Pakistan at Kaymu

Pakistani people always welcome new and enchanting ideas. They love to wear what their culture and even Western tradition represents. That is why we have observed the natives wearing variety when we go out or attend any party. Shalwar kameez and kurtas are not the only options for Pakistani men, they also have to adorn their bodies with t-shirts or more likely the long sleeved ones.

T-shirts were previously the attires for casual routine but now the imaginative designs and peculiar patterns have altered the definition. With the long sleeves, men can now get amused by the shirts that cover their whole arms. It is best when they want to hide the tattoos or want to protect themselves from chilling breeze.

This is no more a headache to purchase men's long sleeve t-shirts in Pakistan. The online portal called Kaymu has made it much effortless by illustrating the size chart and entire t-shirt specs on the website. Now Pakistani men can choose the desired line and call whenever they require to purchase.

Finest Aspects of Buying Long Sleeve T-shirts for Men

Long sleeve doesn't mean the boring and typical clothing style. It has lot to do with modishness.


Most of the long sleeve t-shirts for men observed in the catalog of Kaymu have specific prints. These prints are either of abstract designs, celebrities' faces or names and random shapes. Men can buy one of them or they can also have the plain or round neck shirts with no patterns, just the simply filled solid color. Long sleeve t-shirts styles also have lots of diversity such as lounge tops and striped.

Fitness style

Another good aspect is the fitness style. It can be either extreme muscle, longline, muscle, oversized, regular, slim or super longline. The availability of sizes like XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL give wide options to all Pakistani men.


Now comes the shape of the neckline. There are no boundaries for men while buying long sleeve t-shirts online. They can have the Y neck long sleeve t-shirt whose upper part somehow resembles the V neck t-shirts but the lower portion has a small strip, usually with button illustrating the shape of letter Y. Other than that, there are funnel, crew, hooded, polo, roll neck, scoop, turtle neck, zip thru and V neck.


Shades elaborate the beauty. Colors matter a lot as they decide for what occasion you are going to wear the dress. Long sleeve t-shirts for men also support the charming variety like brown, green, blue, black, red, white, grey, purple, cream and beige. Some consists of single hue while some have the multiple range. Both solid and gradient colors look radiant on these apparels.


With reasonable long sleeve t-shirts price range at Kaymu, there are also different fabric materials. These garments support types like cotton, silk, wool, linen, hemp, cashmere, suede and microfiber, each offering certain level of comfort and splendor to the wearer.