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Buy the best in men's perfumes, grooming and colognes at Chypre blend of notes in the perfumes brings out raw yet reserved sensuality. When it comes to best brands of perfumes for men in Pakistan, Hugo Boss, Armani, Azzaro, CK, Dirham, Fahrenheit, Remy, Bvlgari, Gucci, and Dunhill etc. are most preferred ones.

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Branded men's perfumes are the best gift you can give to your husband, boyfriend, brother and/or father on birthdays and other special occasions. Whether you prefer the strong masculine smell or the light sporty essence, we have range of all the best quality ladies perfumes & men's perfumes in Pakistan. The leathery and woody smells of perfumes at Kaymu online store are sensuous and perfect for men.

So when you begin searching for the best men's fragrance for you or your loved one, always keep in mind that deodorants for mens and perfumes for men come in three types which include citrus, spice and green. Those who like fresh fragrance should opt for citrus perfumes. The perfumes in citrus category come with aroma of lemons, oranges, tangerines etc. The perfumes from green category include those which sweet smell whereas those from spice category have sharp and attention grabbing fragrance. The scents are also among the popular men's fragrances at many occasions and settings. Below are the different types of perfumes for men in Pakistan available at Kaymu.

Floral Perfumes

The floral fragrance is most popular around the world. As the name shows, it is associated with the flowers and there may hardly exist a person who dislikes the fragrance of flowers. The floral perfumes may be powerful as well as soft depending on the brand and personal preferences. The most popular men's floral perfumes in Pakistan are made from tuberose, lily, gardenia, and jasmine.

Woody Perfumes

The woody perfumes, as the name tells smell like a wood. Their fragrance is a reminiscent of moss and forests. The wood scents are often mixed with vanilla and some other scents to give a whole new and unique fragrance. The most popular woody fragrances for him include those of cedar, sandal wood, and agar wood. The perfume manufacturers also combine the woody fragrances with the bergamot, lavender, lime and many others to give birth to unique fragrances.

Aquatic Perfumes

You will come across many perfumes in pakistan that describe their fragrances as ozonic or oceanic; these are aquatic perfumes. These are rated among the best perfumes for men as they offer fresh, clean scent and floral scents. Some perfume manufacturers also add 'calone' which is an ingredient that mimics the flowery smell often experienced in ocean breezes.

Leather Perfumes

The name tells us that this perfume smells like a fine leather jacket which is not the real case. The leather perfumes are made out of tobacco, honey, cloves, cedar and some light fruit smells to give off fragrance that reminds you of suede or leather.

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