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Polo Shirts Online Shopping in Pakistan

The polo shirts are an amazing product that feel casual but look formal. A regular T shirt which is intended for casual wear takes away your classy and formal look, however with the polo shirts in Pakistan, you get casual comfort while staying formal too. No matter you require attending corporate meetings, seminars, exhibitions or any other events where formal dressing is required; all you need is to tuck in your polo T shirt with a belt and voila!

The polo shirts were initially made for sports. They are named after the attire worn by the polo players during 1800s. The modern polo t-shirts in Pakistan are characterized by smart fitting, half sleeves, loose collar and a vertically cut neckline reaching down to chest area. Ralph Lauren polo shirts are most popular and preferred across the world. Choosing just right polo shirt for you may sound tricky however with a little guidance, you can find the best polos in Pakistan.

Types of Polo T-Shirts in Pakistan for Sale

Kaymu being your largest online marketplace for sports polo shirts online shopping in Pakistan; offers comprehensive variety to suit various clothing needs. The types of polo shirts offered at Kaymu include but are not limited to:

Blended Polo Shirts

The blended polo shirts make it possible for you to enjoy the resilience of synthetic materials at affordable price. These highly comfortable and wrinkle-free shirts are preferred by a number of men across the world. Besides, their stain resistant nature also makes them one of the most preferred men's clothing in the stores.

Polyester Polo Shirts

These are not only resistant to stains but are also wrinkle-free just like the blended polo shirts however their price is a bit higher than that of cotton because of their ability to last a longer time period. The polyester polo shirts are embroidered for designing and can't be printed on. Whether you are seeking white polo shirts made out of polyester or require them in any other color, browse through Kaymu's range to find the ones that suit your needs.

Silk Polo Shirts

The silk polo shirts are perfect choice for use at dressy occasions. Since they are made out of silk, they make the shirt shimmer while staying light and comfy. The disadvantage of the silk polo shirts however is that they get wrinkled easily and are a bit difficult to breathe in. Besides, they cannot be embroidered or printed on. The silk polo T shirt price in Pakistan is also relatively higher than the cotton polo T shirts due to the cost of fabric.

Performance Polo Shirts

These are special shirts made out of additional features such as odor reduction and ultraviolet protection. They are durable, lightweight and resistant to stains. The performance polo shirts do not come printed but are sometimes embroidered for design and decoration.

So whether you require small, medium, large, xl, xxl or xxxl polo shirts, sellers at Kaymu have unlimited colors and designs to suit your clothing needs. Besides, if you require plain white polo shirt we also have a large variety of them listed online. So what's the wait? Grab your polo shirts in Pakistan or browse through our other range of stylish t-shirts and start living in style.

Buy Polo t-shirts Online in Pakistan at Kaymu

A polo shirt is a highly versatile piece of clothing item which every man must own. The polo shirt has been around for several decades. It is perhaps the only casual clothing item that can be worn in offices. The polo shirt can also be paired with a sports jacket for a semi-formal look. There are many brands out there manufacturing polo t shirts. Be it Ralph Lauren, Nike, Lacoste or any other brand such as polo shirts by US Polo Association , you can get the best polo t shirt prices in Pakistan at Kaymu.

What to look for while doing Polo T-shirts Online Shopping

Buying a polo shirt is not as easy as it seems. You have to consider a few important factors. The following guide will be really useful in this regards.

Brand: There are many reputable brands out there manufacturing polo t shirts. These brands have been around for several decades now and have made a reputation as the providers of quality polo shirts. Whichever brand you choose can help you in making a strong fashion statement. Ralph Lauren polo t shirts are a classic choice for most men and women. The horse logo on the left breast pocket is easily recognizable. Lacoste polo shirts are another popular choice. These shirts are recognized by the alligator logo. When it comes to Western clothing for men, Levi's is one of the best brands in the marketplace and the Levi's polo shirts can be paired really well with a great pair of jeans. There are also sports brands out there, like Adidas, Reebok and Nike, which manufacture polo shirts. Nike polos are frequently worn by athletes. These polo shirts are designed to keep the sweat away, making them perfect when working out.

Size: Proper size and fitting is the most important thing when choosing a shirt. You may go for any brand but if the fitting is below par, it won't look good. The shirt should not be too tight or too loose. It should fit snugly. Preferably, it should be tight around shoulder and loose around the belly area.

Color: Polo shirts are highly versatile, but only if you choose the right colors and patterns. Solid navy and gray shirts are best for offices. If you are looking for a bit of uniqueness, horizontal or vertical stripes can be chosen. But one thing to note here is that a longer person should wear horizontal stripes while the shorter person should wear vertical stripes.

Best Deals: It is always a wise idea to save money whenever the opportunity arises. Deals like pack of 3 polo t shirts are always common at Kaymu, and you must make full use of them.

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