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An American multinational firm, Microsoft designs and develops products and services related to computer technology. It was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The company has been dealing in the technological advancement and innovations, thus affecting the lives of millions of users. It has provided limitless opportunities for the people to step ahead into the future. Due to its innovative designs, genius craftsmanship, and skilled expertise, Microsoft has earned a prestigious name for itself in the world of technology. The launch of Microsoft has revolutionized our society at every phase of its development.

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Whichever field you are in, you require technology to pursue it. Microsoft software have innumerous characteristics that have upgraded our lives. It is one of the leading technology companies whose products are available in every part of the world, especially its software. The launch of every Microsoft product creates a ground-breaking level of excitement among the customers. There is also a Microsoft online store in Pakistan which caters to all the needs of the customers. However, for customer convenience, these products are available online at Kaymu which offers them at more reasonable rates so that they are accessible to a large number of customers.

Microsoft Product Catalogue in Pakistan

There are a variety of Microsoft products in Pakistan, each of which has its own functions and features. The utility of these products range from personal to professional. Let's have a look at these products produced by Microsoft.

Microsoft Software: Microsoft Office is the most commonly used software at homes, work, etc. It provides tools that can work best on any number of Microsoft devices. Microsoft software is upgraded regularly after sometime thus allowing you to use its up-to-date features. Microsoft OneDrive is a recently launched software that enables you to share your personal and work life. It provides device-friendly tools. Microsoft also provides softwares that can be freely downloaded and are also used for security purposes to detect and prevent any viruses.

Gaming Consoles: For entertainment purposes, Microsoft game consoles were developed by the company in 2001. The Microsoft Xbox contains Windows software that enables the users to do online gaming. Different games can also be played through the hard-disk of these consoles. It allows you to play games through controllers. Xbox has a vibrant user interface and the Windows software installed in it provides you to use a number of apps within the Xbox such as music, media, attending calls, etc.

Microsoft Phones: Lumia is a powerful Microsoft windows smartphone. It runs on Microsoft operating software and has high performance features. There are different Lumia phones, each having different designs. Some have sleek, metal bodies while some have thick edges. These phones have high connectivity features and allow smooth multitasking. Lumia 650 and Lumia 950 is a smart choice among these phones with AMOLED display, high quality camera, and excessive storage capacity.

Computer devices: Microsoft provides a variety of computer hardware, including keyboards, mice, desktops, tablets, etc. These are designed for any number of Android or Apple devices.