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A monitor or a computer display is an electronic visual display for computers. This device is as important as any system. Over the years the monitors have evolved in shape, size, and technology and most importantly in the displays. We've gone from monochrome screens with miniature sizes on huge devices, to smaller and thinner screens with amazing picture quality known as the LCD monitors and with more advancements in technology to LED monitors.

Affordable LCD & LED Computer Monitors Prices in Pakistan

Kaymu online shopping store has the sleekest, latest and most affordable Samsung, HP monitors, Dell, Viewsonic and several other used computer monitors, LCD & LED computer monitors in Pakistan with state of the art technology. Buy quality computer monitors in Pakistan along with other desktop computers and accessories through now with Free & Fast Shipping & Payment on Home delivery offer all over Pakistan. We are offering the lowest computer monitors prices in Pakistan.

Different types of Monitors Available Online at Kaymu

When it comes to Monitors, there are many different versions and types available to choose from. Each one has its own features that you can select and find out. The IPS (in-plane switching) monitor gives higher blacks and more accurate colors as compared to many LED or LCD monitors. Therefore, these become great ones for photo editing, major graphics work and for many gamers. Along with that, these offer wider viewing angles so that you can look at the pictures from various points of view.

Light emitting diode or LED monitors provide excellent picture quality along with a complete wholesome experience. They produce livelier images along with using less amount of power as compared to the LCD monitor. Moreover, they are thinner in size and are easily stored anywhere. Kaymu is offering the lowest led monitor price in Pakistan to its wide customer base.

Liquid Crystal Display monitors or LCD ones are known to give high quality performance and that too at an affordable price. Using liquid crystals, they are able to relay the image you have seen on the screen to the eyes. They have backlight using cold cathode fluorescent lamps to create the perfect look. In Pakistan, Dell LCD monitors are highly popular for their cheap prices.

Touchscreen monitors are all in rage right now. These are highly popular when it comes to home entertainment and gaming. You can easily swipe through photos, play games and even tap the tiles to start many apps. The best ones here are the edge to edge glass ones that let you have wide picture angles. This is considered to be the best gaming monitor there is for a large range of people.

Difference between the LCD and LED Monitors

If you are not yet clear about the difference between the two popular types of modern computer monitors i.e. the LCD and LED monitors, there is not a big difference between the two when it comes to regular usage except the technology and picture clarity. The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors are the older version and do not offer as crisp graphics as the LEDs. If you are a gaming enthusiast or a graphics/video designing and editing professional, you must opt for the latest gadget in the market i.e. the LED monitor.

How do LED Monitors Work?

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Monitors do not make use of cold-cathode technology and fluorescent technology like the LCDs do. Instead, they make use of light diodes that help illuminating the screen. The LEDs are clustered around rim of screen and they diffuse uniformly. The LED lights behind the screen help producing crisp results.

Why to Buy LED Monitors?

The LED monitors are the biggest energy savers. As mentioned above, they produce the best color quality and clarity. Besides, the LED monitors have a faster refresh rate and some models even offer local-dimming option. The LED monitors produce excellent contrasts to the true colors and are great choice for watching high definitional videos. Another major feature of LED monitors is their thin construction around the edge of panel as compared to the LCD monitors. They are much more lightweight than all previous types of monitors and are therefore easy to carry.

Keep the Size of the Monitor in Mind

The size of the monitor is of the utmost importance. Monitors that are under 20 inches are reasonably prices and are the best for general functions such as sharing emails, photos and using base line applications. Many people get a 17 inch monitor for these uses.

Monitor sizes in the range of 21 inches to 26 inches are great for a multipurpose home and even for office use. You can easily watch movies and a number of TV shows on this. Also, playing games would be the best here. Go for a 21 inch if you are an avid gamer.

Many people get monitors above the size range of 27 inches and up. These offer larger viewing area for many gamers and a number of professionals of photography, arts and video production.

Get LCD and LED Monitors Available Online at Kaymu

If you are in search of a computer monitor just because you are fed up with the bulky CRT monitor that puts great stress on your eyes, you are at the right place. Kaymu offers the largest collection of computer monitors to help you getting rid of the old CRT monitor. You may find the largest range of monitors in Pakistan from all renowned brands such as Dell monitors, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, HP, LG, Planner, IBM, View Sonic and many more. All you need is to choose your favorite monitor LCD, LED or touch screen monitors and place your order online in a few simple steps. Your order will be delivered at your doorsteps with cash on delivery as the mode of payment. Shop now to find the best products, avail some great discounts and enjoy our services.

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