Newborn Baby Shopping for First Year

Are you a mom-to-be who feels overwhelmed with the myriad of choices available when it comes to buying the right kind of baby products? Do not sweat, you are not alone many women who are new to this stressful yet highly rewarding journey of motherhood do not know what are the essential products that you need to purchase before you welcome your new angel.

We have compiled a handy checklist of baby essentials that includes the main things a baby needs in the first year like clothing, diapers, car seat, etc. All you have to do is add this checklist in your online baby shopping list.

Baby Clothes


You should buy 5 to 7 bodysuits for your baby, they are very comfy so your baby can both sleep and play while wearing these. Choose the one that have zip in front so it is convenient for you to change them and it has an opening at the bottom for those dreaded diaper changes.


Go for turtlenecks or T-shirts that are manufactured using 100 percent cotton, so they are gentle on your precious baby's skin. Also opt for shirts that have snaps or abundant room in the neck so you can easily slip it over your baby's head.


Shop for leggings that have stretchable waistbands so it can accommodate the diaper and your baby's belly. Have plenty of leggings on hand as they have a tendency to expand as your baby gets healthy and gains weight.

Outer layers

Outer layers including fleece jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters are a must have baby clothing items for the months when temperature starts to drop as they keep your newborn warm and cozy. You should opt for sweaters with zips in front and hoodies to keep him snug.

Mittens & hats

For the summer, protect your baby's delicate skin from harsh sunlight with a broad-brimmed hat. When the mercury starts to drop protect your baby from chilly weather with easy to wear mittens and hats with earflaps.


For the first year, your baby does not need any shoes with hard soles as they can intervene with his development. You can buy booties or socks with special nonskid bottoms to protect your baby's feet indoors and outdoors.


Pajamas are the right choice when you dress up your baby for a good night's sleep. Go for sleepwear with uncomplicated snaps so you can change your baby's dirty diaper in the middle of the night conveniently.

Baby Gear

Baby Carrier

Choose a baby carrier that has sturdy harnesses and straps that will help you carry your baby securely. Instead of opting for sling carriers that have high instances of injuring babies, go for front carrier so your newborn gets to nestle close to you.


A compact stroller is an essential baby product that you will need to roll your newborn around the city. You can choose a stroller with a reclining seat so your baby can take a nap.

Car Seat

A car seat is mandatory for safety of your baby while he rides with you in a car. Choose a car seat for your infant with a five point safety harness, so it can hold your baby securely and provide adequate support when the ride gets a little bumpy.

Bottle Feeding & Breastfeeding Essentials

Nursing pillow

The nursing pillow is specifically designed to provide support to your newborn while he nurses, as a new mom they also provide comfort to you as you can feed your baby without straining your neck or shoulder.

Feeding bottles

Purchasing the right size of bottle is also crucial, a 4 ounce size bottle is perfect for a newborn baby and once the baby starts to drink larger quantities you can switch to an 8 ounce size bottle.


If you are unable to breastfeed your baby or have set your heart on formula feeding your newborn baby, you can choose from a range of formula options that are suitable for babies who are under one. Select a formula that has all the necessary nutrients for healthy growth of your baby.

Breast Pump

You can either opt for a conventional hand pump or an innovative electric model of breast pump to pump milk from the breast that you can feed to your baby at any time in the day.



Once you start feeding your baby solid foods at about 4 to 6 months, you might want to invest in a highchair. A highchair allows the baby to have his meal with ease. Choose a chair that is easy to clean and store.

Sippy cups

It is a good idea to keep few sippy cups in handy, they come with a spout and a lid so your baby can drink with ease. In addition to this, they do not spill the liquid when knocked over and a sippy cup with a handle provides easy grip for your infant.

Baby toys and Soothers


Newborn babies do not need a lot of toys, however to keep them entertained and satisfy their inquisitive nature, it is a good idea to buy few rattles or musical toys. You can also buy some soft toys that are safe for newborn babies to play with.


Pacifiers are not essential for a baby, however, they are ideal to soothe a crying baby. You can give pacifier to your agitated baby to calm him or to soothe him to sleep.

Sleeping Essentials


Instead of purchasing a full size crib, a bassinet is more suitable for a newborn baby. For first few months of their life, your newborn will feel much more secure in a comfy bassinet. It will also be convenient for you as newborn babies wake up frequently during sleep in first few months, so by placing the bassinet near your bed you can easily feed the baby at night.

Safety & Health

Safety Gates

If you have stairs, an essential product to make your house child proof is by investing in durable safety gates. At about 7 to 10 months babies begin to crawl, so in order to keep your babies away from any hazardous location in the house, you can place safety gates.

Baby monitors

Baby monitors are a device that allows you to watch over your newborn when you are in another room. The monitor needs to be placed close to the baby so it can catch any noise that the baby makes and alarm you if your baby cries or wakes up.

Teething toys

Usually teething begins when the baby is six months old and as a new mom you should definitely get some teething toys for your baby. These toys are perfect to soothe the sore gums and relieve discomfort that the babies feel when they embark on this important milestone.

Baby clippers

It is important that you trim your baby's soft nails with baby clippers frequently. Hold your newborn's hand gently yet firmly and trim the nails, make sure you do not nick the skin of your baby.