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There are perhaps only a few other brands in the world that have been as much of trendsetters as Nike. The company was formed in 1964, under the name of Blue Ribbon Sports'. Today, Nike products have become a must-have of everyone who loves to stay in shape. There is perhaps no other company that offers as much variety as Nike in the category of athletic gear alone.

Kaymu can be considered to be the closest Nike online store in Pakistan as we have all the variety right here. From Nike garments to Nike sports shoes, there are large ranges of products that you can easily find here. Along with the huge collection, we have amazing prices to offer as well. So shop now and enjoy all Nike Pakistan products right here.

Types of Nike Shoes

If you thought buying Nike shoes is as simple as searching Nike sneakers and buying the first one you liked the color of, you are wrong. There are so many different kinds of shoes available - all featuring different technologies.

The running and soccer shoes are very light in weight and many of them offer shock absorbing capabilities as well. These shoes have small cleats under them that provide the required balance when you are on the go or on an uneven ground.

The Basketball shoes range is one of a kind. These are highly shock absorbent so that they can reduce the shock when people jump and run on hard floors. These allow for free motion when the wearer has to move back and forth repeatedly.

The Tennis shoes range has classic skinny white or black styles. These are more so like the running shoes but allow the wearer to have more swift motions when moving from side to side.

You Can Customize Your Shoes

With Nike, you get to customize the shoe you want. Select the type, select the technology and select the size and lastly the color, and you will have your own custom built shoe. Whether you are an athlete or a fitness-freak, having Nike products in your wardrobe is a must. You can get these products from any Nike store in Pakistan, and can also order it from with cash on delivery facility.

Nike Gear

Shoes and clothes aside, Nike Pakistan also offers every kind of sports gear that you may need. You can get a number of accessories like bags, belts, balls, socks, goggles, clubs, hats, shoelaces, socks, sunglasses, performance gloves and shin guards. Known for their quality, Nike products last longer than those of other brands in Pakistan. Nike Bags in Pakistan are all the rage right now amongst the youth. Nike clothes in Pakistan is the must-have item for every sports loving person, girl or boy. However, this is not where the story ends, shoes is only a part of the shopping you will want to do from Nike stores, for they are more like an athlete's heaven. Best part is, now you don't have to take out your car and go shopping to the mall, you can just sit in your bed and order the products you want!

All the types of Nike Clothes

Nike has clothes for men, women and children. Each item of clothing has been designed for a specific purpose that you can use it for. Running and Soccer clothes are the most famous type there is. These are designed especially to disperse the moisture off your clothes within a matter of seconds. Moreover, there are special shin guards and other soccer gear that you can easily use.

In the Basketball range, there are shorts, pants and jerseys available that men, women and children can use easily. Some of the shorts are loose in style for people who want breathable material while some are tight in nature who want to indulge in extreme physical conditions. The basketball jerseys are also loose so you can easily wear something underneath.

The tennis range is one of the most casual ones there are. These are specifically designed for comfort and performance. For women, there are tennis shorts or dresses. The dresses have built in shorts or briefs that can be paired with tank tops. When it comes to men, there are tennis shorts, compression shirts, polo shirts and tank tops. There is an outwear collection that people love to choose from. Most of them are made with lightweight polyester or nylon that you can easily wear on top of your athletic gear. The types available are hoodies, sweatshirts, windbreakers and pull overs.

Different Technologies by the Brand

Nike has aimed to please its wide customer base and due to this it has developed a number of different technologies to include in its athletic wear and shoes.

The Dri-Fit technology has a special moisture dispersing fabric that does not allow it to stay on the skin. It keeps the wearer dry and comfortable throughout the time they wear it and allows them to breathe easily.

The Compression technology is made to improve muscle performance, boost energy levels and reduce the level of fatigue. This is generally tight to wear and keeps the wearer going for a long time.

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Kaymu is your one stop solution for all your Nike product needs. You can easily find what you like by using a number of search options such as search by product type, by product name, by specifications or by price range. Each product available at the website is genuine and is offered by verified sellers.

When buying online, always keep your size in mind so you can get the perfect fit. It would be best to check an existing item and compare the sizes to the ones available with the products so you know what is best for you. So shop now to find the best products, amazing deals and to avail our cash on delivery feature.

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