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Don't forget the little extras when it comes to your kids. Choose from Kaymu's wide range of baby accessories in Pakistan varying from shoes, gloves, baby carriers, mufflers, socks, tights, hair pins and clips, jewelry, gift sets hats, belts and other kids & babies accessories especially designed by renowned brands such Nike, Adidas, Puma, Gymboree etc. for your little ones with lots of love and extra care. Have fun as you play with various looks for you kids by choosing different accessories for baby. Pair a cutesy dress with a colorful pair of tights for your little girls and adorn her hair with bright hair accessories to let her inner playfulness shine through. For your mischievous little boy who can't wait to grow up and look like his daddy, get him dress shoes and a belt. Protect your children from the sun with range of children hats and teach them to combat the winters days with socks, woolen gloves, scarves, tights and mufflers. Pamper their delicate skins with baby lotions and oils. Buy your little girl necklaces and cute headbands and clips.For those newborn nieces and nephews get baby gift sets and glass feeders. Gift the new parents a baby carrier and they'll thank you for it.

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Kaymu's versatile collection of kids accessories allows you to dress your little ones the way you want. Buy your kids comfortable shoes and choose ones that have proper cushioning to keep your little one's feet from hurting. Bundle your newborn up in a quilt. Teach your kids on how to dress right and trendy from a young age. The right accessories make all the difference. Shop from the best available baby products in Pakistan knowing that Kaymu Pakistan offers free shipping and cash on delivery offer all over Pakistan. Help your little kids make a statement with different accessories and that too for less. Kaymu has the best available prices for great quality accessories for you kids.

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With Kaymu as your online marketplace, you are never left without options while buying accessories for kids. Always remember, while you buy accessories for your kids, never forget asking about their choice. The kids usually do not appreciate when the choice of clothing and other accessories is imposed on them. No matter you are seeking baby shoes, lunch boxes, bags, glasses, kids watches or anything, let Kaymu be your premier online shopping destination for all your kids' accessories.

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Kaymu has the largest listing of kids' accessories in Pakistan from the leading retailers so you should be assured about the best prices. Make a comparison of prices offered by different sellers and choose the product based on its price, reviews and on the seller's rating. You no longer need going to a local kids shop as Kaymu offers not only the largest variety online but also provides free shipping with the most convenient payment method of cash on delivery at your doorsteps.

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Toys play an essential part in development of infants and toddlers. Choose from a variety of brain boosting, skill building infant learning toys. Cleverly placed rattles, jigsaw puzzles and building blocks help brain simulation, early learning and development. Let the baby cuddle away care bears, beanie babies, and pound puppies for a good night's sleep.

Kaymu: The Best Place for Online Baby Products Shopping in Pakistan stocks up on the extra soft ones so your bundle of joy may sleep tight the whole night. You can get a diverse range of baby blankets, baby shoes, baby mats, baby clothes, cereal, strollers, travel cots, baby sunglasses, baby shampoos, baby powders, baby diapers & pampers, baby soaps, baby pillows, baby accessories, rubber teethers, baby diapers, baby nappy creams, gifts for babies, feeding bottles and several other baby accessories from all the renowned brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Farlin, Pigeon, Avent, Chicco, Munchkin, Baby Care and Pampers . Kaymu online marketplace is your one stop shop to a complete range of baby products shopping with just one click of a button. So, stay at home with your baby and kids and enjoy online shopping of baby products with our Free & Fast Shipping along with Payment on Delivery services all over Pakistan.

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At Kaymu, we have a comprehensive variety of baby products in Pakistan which include baby shoes, baby toys, baby cots, baby walker, baby beds, baby bouncer, baby prams, baby blankets, baby stuff, baby cradle, baby swing and baby cribs. You can make a price comparison and order the products that best suit your budget and requirements.

Types of Baby Accessories Available Online

Buying baby products is no longer a difficult task as Kaymu is at your service round the clock. Pakistan's leading online marketplace helps you buy just about anything that you may need for your little angel.

Full Size Baby Swings in Pakistan

Whether you are looking for baby boy products or you want something to delight your baby girl, Kaymu has full size baby swings that can help accommodating your baby from birth until about 25 to 30 pounds. The full-size baby swings come in foldable as well as fixed manufactured units depending on different models and their manufacturing.

Hybrid Baby Swings in Pakistan

The hybrid baby swings, as the name suggests, are the combination of features offered by traditional baby swings, gliders and bouncer seats. The hybrid swing models are one of the best ways of saving space while providing entertainment to the little angels. If you are searching for baby girl products, the hybrid swings can be a great choice for you. The definition of a hybrid swing differs with every manufacturer.

Kaymu offers range of baby items in Pakistan at the most affordable and competitive pricing. If you are looking for gift products for the newborns or you want them for regular use for your kids, you can buy Johnson n Johnson baby products offered by the leading retailers of baby products in Pakistan at best prices.

Buy Baby Furniture for your Kid

With the luxurious and comfortable furniture, your child will have a joyous time at home. Buy the furniture pieces that are appealing to your child, functional and safe as well. Do not forget to gauge the quality of the items purchased. Essential furniture items that must be bought are given below.

Baby cradles: For the first few years of his life, your child needs a baby cradle or crib to keep him closer to you during the night. Since a cradle is built on stands, it is easier for parents to rock the cradle back and forth. You can select the cradle which compliments the colour scheme of your baby's room. Online baby shopping in Pakistan for cradles can be done at Kaymu where a variety of cradles in traditional to modern styles are available.

Baby chairs: A baby chair is a little sloped so that your baby can easily sit in it. There are a variety of baby chairs including high chairs, hook-on chairs, portable chairs, etc. You can place your baby in these chairs when you want to feed them.

Baby swings: Babies love the momentum of the swing. So a comfortable baby swing will not only soothe your baby but it will also calm him when crying. Traditional swings have toys attached to them to attract the baby. Travel swings can be folded while 2-in-1 swings act as cradles as well as a swings. If you pull of the seat, the swing becomes a cradle.

Baby prams: When taking your baby out with you, it is absolutely essential to put him in a right pram. There are different styles of baby prams that will be helpful for your baby. They have an option to act as a seat or as a cradle. The wheels enable you to smoothly push the pram wherever you go.

Baby strollers: As the name implies, a baby stroller is used when taking your baby out for a stroll. Buy strollers that are lightweight and can be easily folded. The seat should be comfortably padded for your child's convenience.

Baby walkers: A baby walker plays a vital role to help the babies in learning to walk. These walkers should have frictional strips to hold the babies. They should be foldable and must have toys attached to them to attract the babies.

Baby bouncers: When your infant is too small to even sit, a baby bouncer will help him to wiggle and move, giving him a bouncing sensation when placed in it. They should be portable and have an excellent grip and a soft fabric.

There are a variety of baby products necessary to make their lives joyous. Ranging from baby bags to diapers, each item must be carefully purchased by the parents.