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Best Available Generators, UPS & Solar Panels Prices in Pakistan

With power cuts for hours in every city of Pakistan, it is impossible to function without some sort of back up energy resource. Buy generators, UPS and Solar Panels in Pakistan from to combat electricity emergencies. When it comes to buying generators there are some important specifications you should be looking out for. It should have ample tank capacity for emergency purposes, a sound proof canopy so that you don't disturb the neighbors, dual voltage and an automatic switch to start and turn off the generator instantly. Kaymu has generators with just these specifications and at affordable prices. Consider buying international brands like Yamaha, PEL, Mazda, and Honda for generators which may run on gas, petrol or even diesel and hardly ever breakdown.

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Kaymu's list of generator sellers in Pakistan includes the names of the country's renowned generator retail companies. The types of generators available at Kaymu Pakistan include:

Standby Generators:

These generators are for residential as well as commercial usage. The standby generators are installed permanently outside the buildings. They usually come with automatic ignition systems that make them start and stop whenever there is electricity shutdown. The standby generators are fueled wit petrol, diesel and natural gas. The number of appliances a generator can provide power to, depends on its power capacity.

Portable Generators:

As the name suggests, these are movable generators that can be taken from one place to another depending on where power is required. The portable generators in Pakistan are versatile and can be used for providing emergency power at home. These generators are fueled by petrol or diesel. Sometimes they come installed with an additional kit for use with natural gas. They come with 120/240 or 240-volt power outlets where you plug in your home appliances directly. When it comes to usage, all you need is to plug in the adapters of appliances that require electricity into the generator's outlets.


The inverters are special electrical devices manufactured for turning DC current into AC. When the inverters are connected with the car's cigarette lighter plug, you can easily run small home appliances on them. The inverters come in many different power capacities just like the generators and should be purchased in accordance with the type and number of appliances you intend to use with it. There are inverters for low wattage appliances which include music players, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets whereas others are for handling heavy duty appliances. The inverters powered by their own battery have different power backup times. You can buy UPS online in Pakistan through the country's leading online marketplace.


The inverter generators come powered by gasoline and are smaller and quieter than the other generators. Typically made out of a plastic body, they are easy to carry. In fact it is their portability that makes inverter generators popular among people. They are good choice for people going on camping or those who want electricity backup at a construction/maintenance site.

So whether you want to buy UPS, generator or inverters in Pakistan, Kaymu online shopping community is your foremost choice.