Kaymu Helping Local E-commerce Companies in Pakistan

Pakistan's ecommerce industry has grown exponentially in the past few years; this growth has given birth to a number of ecommerce ventures in the country. Funded companies such as, Shopistan, and the already well-established local players like, have a wide lead in terms of brand awareness and marketing spend.

Young startups such as, a Plan9 incubatee, WooW brands and many others face a very tough time in gaining traction. However, since launched in late 2013 these smaller brands have had a lot of support in generating sales. is itself funded by Rocket Internet, but unlike its bigger cousin, Kaymu is a marketplace that helps local e-commerce retailers in gaining traction.

So whether it be local/foreign educated graduates looking to become the next Jeff Bezos or a young housewife just looking to earn some extra money with a Facebook store, everyone who wants to become an entrepreneur can go to and start selling. gets regular requests from Facebook stores to list their products on

Kaymu provides young entrepreneurs with a portal that screens all orders that come in; as a result many have quickly found that Kaymu ends up becoming their primary sales channel. This provides these sellers with protection from fake orders and as all orders are done through a cash on delivery (COD) model through Kaymu's shipping partner, new sellers can get access to preferential shipping rates, which are usually available only to the bigger players in the industry.

Many online stores have achieved unprecedented success through their collaboration with, an online store dealing with baby products, has more than doubled its sales using's platform. Others such as,, and many more, have received thousands of orders from's visitors. Of the 100's of online stores who have decided to list their products on Kaymu's marketplace platform, well over 45,000 orders have been placed by customers. The infographic below summarizes the success of website and Facebook based stores listed on

The launch of 3G/4G services and the evolving e-commerce industry has ushered Pakistan into a new era of online retails shopping. However, success of local players is critical to achieve the markets true growth potential. New, and indeed existing online stores, can certainly benefit from the use of more established online brands, such as, to expedite their success.