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For thousands of years, all sorts of devices have been used to measure and keep track of time.Sundials, water clocks, hourglasses and candle clocks were some of the earliest innovations people used in history to track time and days. However, since the invention of clocks and watches, keeping track of time has become a much easier task. The innovative technology ofusing a Quartz crystal oscillator at the core of watches for accuracy revolutionized the conventional concept of watches in the 1970s. Over the years, different innovations made wind-up Quartz watches smaller, thinner, more reliable, more accurate and even self-winding! And now Quartz watches have become very compact and are cheap to produce, becoming the world's dominant timekeeping technology.

Quartz watches have rampantly proliferated the market and are very much in demand in Pakistan. Wrist watches have become a must-have item for any closet and any attire and have become a fashion and style statement for all segments of society. Elegant wristwatches merge together innovating technologies and latest fashion trends to create exclusive timepieces that can cater to every style, social segment and price range. A good watch will combine design, quality and value for money and create a statement piece that is both elegant and fashionable.

Latest Fashion Trends

All over the international fashion arena, watches are considered just as important as statement jewelry pieces and create the same style impact as any other accessory. Nowadays, big and chunky watches are very much the rage and create a dazzling look, infusing a touch of glamor to the wrist. Silver, gold, rose gold, white and two-toned watches with blingy stones are the new current fashion trend and you can spot many celebrities and movie stars supporting these trends. Many people prefer collecting watches in a multitude of colors and style so they can mix-and-match them with various attires and create altogether new looks. Most people prefer to go for metallic and leather watches that are both stylish and elegant. Watches with multiple straps going around the wrist are also very popular especially amongst young girls and teenagers. Big dials and watches with stones going around the dial or inside the dial are also very popular.

Some of the famous watch brands include Tissot, Guess, Cartier, Michael Kors, Gucci, Armani, Seiko, Rado and Tag Heuer. features a wide range of Quartz watches for men, women, girls and children of all the famous watch brands. You can now get a multitude of colored, leather, and metallic designs easily at Kaymu. Many vendors also feature a range of watches with interchangeable straps that offer you a lot of room for creativity and offer maximum value for money. You can now purchase any watch style that is in fashion for the season and suits your style and pay easily via cash on delivery through Kaymu.