Being a marketplace, Kaymu is highly dedicated to enable trusted relationships between our buyers and sellers. To improve buying experience on Kaymu, our sellers set their own return policies defining time period of returns and the method of compensation. The following information will guide you through your seller's provided return policy and show you how to initiate the return of your product.

  • Before ordering a product on Kaymu, the buyer is advised to check the return policy for this particular product on the product page.

  • Find the product you like on Kaymu

  • Take a look at the listing details

  • Click on RETURN POLICY to see the return policy of the seller on this specific product

  • Return Policy Framework
    Kaymu sellers have to choose between five return policies for their products listed on Kaymu :
  • Return accepted within 3 days, only for damaged or wrong products
  • Return accepted within 7 days
  • Return accepted within 14 days
  • Return accepted within 21 days
  • Return accepted within 30 days

  • Sellers are also able to offer refund and/or replacement as compensation method.
  • General rules for transactions made on Kaymu:
  • For all broken/damaged products or for products that are not as described by the seller, any return request should be communicated directly to the seller
  • Products should be returned in the exact same condition as received with no visual signs of use. They should be returned in the original packaging along with all accessories (including manuals, warranty cards, certificate of authenticity) and free gifts received with it
  • Buyers bear all shipping costs for the return
  • Refunds or replacements are initiated by the seller, based on his individual return policy, after he/she receives the returned product from the buyer
  • Raise the return request in you Kaymu account:
    Visit "My Account" > "My Purchases" > "Purchases History". Above the "Contact Seller" box below the product you wish to return you will be able to check the compensation methods offered by the seller. Click on "Ask for Refund" or "Ask for replacement" depending on what is offered by your seller.
  • Contact the seller directly after raising you request:
    In "Purchases History", you can also click on the seller name in the Order Info Box to get the phone number of your seller to arrange for the return.
  • Confirm the replacement or refund in you Kaymu account once you receive it:
    Make sure to confirm the refund or replacement in "My Account" > "My Purchases" > "Pending Transactions" once you receive your compensation. Click on "confirm remplacement" or "confirm refund" depending on the compensation you received.
  • Returns Tips for Buyers
  • Do not accept packages that are damaged, ripped, opened or in bad condition upon delivery. You can always refuse delivery without paying the delivery fees
  • If the product is broken or does not match the product description/pictures on the website, contact the seller as soon as possible
  • While returning a product, make sure to keep the tracking number that you received from the delivery company. This will help you prove that you actually returned the product
  • Share your experience with us: Rate your seller and write a review. This is a very powerful way to promote good and reliable sellers, while raising awareness within the Kaymu Community on unreliable sellers. Future Kaymu buyers will thank you
  • Kaymu cannot guarantee that all sellers will actually perform the requested refund or replacement. We therefore strongly recommend to buy from sellers with high ratings and positive comments
  • If you don't see any compensation option displayed in "Purchases History", it means that the return policy of you seller hase expired. At this point, you can always arrange for the return directly with your seller, but we won't be able to provide assistance
  • If you are unable to initiate the return process you are entitled to raise a dispute against your seller in your Kaymu account.
    If you have already clicked on "Ask for refund" or "Ask for replacement", after 8 days you should be able to open a dispute directly in your Kaymu account.
    Into "Pending Transactions", you should click on "Open a dispute against the seller", above the "Contact Seller" box below the product you want to return.

    Here are some examples of situations where you should raise a dispute against the seller:
  • I am not able to reach the seller
  • The seller disagreed to provide replacement/refund
  • I shipped my product back to the seller but didn't get any compensation
  • I received a different compensation than the one I requested
  • Again, make sure to confirm refund or replacement or refund in "My Account" > "My Purchases" > "Pending Transactions" once you receive the compensation. Click on "confirm replacement" or "confirm return" depending on the compensation that you have received.