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Decorate your houses, bedroom, living and dining spaces with exquisite machine made or handmade carpets in Pakistan available online at Add instant excitement to your room by throwing in a little color like turquoise, fiery red, bright yellow and several other carpet designs & colors. is currently offering a diverse range of stylish carpets in Pakistan for home & living rooms. Add life to your living rooms with our best & stylish red carpets designs in Pakistan from all the top sellers. Classic & oriental carpets in floral designs at Kaymu Pakistan are synonymous with quality styles that add depth and intensity to your interiors. Oriental, English and Persian carpets in Pakistan are among the most favored ones in handmade carpets all over the world. You can get the most affordable carpet prices in Pakistan only at our online marketplace.

Diverse Range of Carpets in Pakistan Available Online

Buy smaller handmade rugs for walkways, lobbies or simply to place besides your bed to avoid the cold floor. We also have a classic range of prayer mats, rubber mats and floor mats to give your house a complete and new look. You can order online funky rubber mats, exercise mats, wall to wall carpets to your room just the way you like them. offers the most affordable prices for carpets, rugs and mats in Pakistan.

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It is hard to find a good carpet in Pakistan as good quality handmade carpets come with a hefty price tag. At Kaymu we make sure that we have something for everyone and at reasonable prices in Pakistan. Some like traditional carpets, while another famous type are the oriental carpets. No matter what your choice may be Kaymu has a wide collection of best available carpet designs in Pakistan from a large number of carpet manufacturers. You can now order both handmade and machine made carpets online, without the hassle of delivery of this heavy product.

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Types of Carpets and Rugs Available at Kaymu

Kaymu has the largest variety of carpets and rugs to suit your aesthetics. Whether you require them for home or office needs, we have handmade carpets in all unique styles and designs to suit your needs. The hand-knotted carpets are the most time-consuming and labor intensive and are available at Kaymu in both Turkish and Persian carpets at best prices. Moreover, there are tufted carpets at Kaymu made out of machines as well as by hands. The hooked carpets, in which the yarns are pulled through a backing and another layer of cloth is added for holding loops in place, are also available at Kaymu Pakistan. For those who admire flat weave, we have flat weave rugs and carpets in all colors and design patterns. The wool carpets in Pakistan can be purchased online via Kaymu to ensure best pricing. Besides, we have carpets and rugs made out of cotton, jute, seagrass, sisal, silk & viscose, polypropylene and many other materials.

Carpets, Rugs and Home Decor

Being the versatile items to decorate your homes with, carpets and rugs can fill up an area tastefully. A perfect rug, which is a fusion of creativity and technique, will draw attention to the room it is placed in. Persian carpets and rugs, with their intricate designs and patterns are great source of admiration among the customers.

Rugs in Pakistan can be placed in the hallways or inside a room, wherever you think they will gain attention and add to your furnishings. If you have hard floors at your home, then you must furnish them with rugs and carpets as they can filter the airborne pollutants out of the floors and keep your house clean and healthy. A rug can improve the air quality of your home and brighten up a room with its colour scheme.

Moreover, often in Pakistan, floor carpets are decorated with floor cushions with exquisite designs which is an appealing feature of home decor. These floor carpets are placed in large, spacious indoor lounge so that you can have a casual or informal get together there.

Tips for Buying the Perfect Rugs or Carpets

Rugs, mats and carpets are available in a huge variety. Each of the created piece is unique in its own sense. There are machine made as well as handmade carpets and rugs in Pakistan. Handmade items are a bit expensive because of the hard work put into them. Let's look at few important tips when you shop for carpets and rugs.

  • Consider the size of the carpet or the rug. It is essential to determine what size is good enough for a specific room. This is important in home decor since the variation in size can completely change the outlook of the room, either making it stuffy or breathtakingly perfect.

  • Decide on the placement of these items. By placing them at the perfect place inside a room, you can draw attention to the room as well as the surrounding furnishings. These carpets and rugs can accentuate the room furniture and other elements so you need to be very careful with their placement. Inside a fully carpeted bed room, you can place the floor mattress above the plain, subtle carpets.

  • Select the colour and texture of the carpet once it is decided where it shall be placed. You may choose from bold to neutral colour carpets and place them on wooden or marble floors. A good texture carpet price in Pakistan in affordable only at Kaymu.

  • The material of your carpet or rug varies from soft wool to synthetic fibers. Carpets and rugs price in Pakistan also vary according to the material used in them.

  • Visit Kaymu and order your favorite rug, carpet or mats today and get them delivered within the given time.