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Television is an essential part of every household. Whether you watch it often or not, you must have one bracketed onto a wall in your lounge. Buying new smart tv is a big decision as it sets the tone of your living space. Technology changes every few years and since a television is a long term investment then you must go for the newest option available. The latest television sets are smart TVs. They use the web 2.0 technology to operate and bring new features to life. Smart TVs in Pakistan can be ordered online through Kaymu.

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Find the Brand of your Choice

The website provides a wide range of android smart TVs. Many companies have launched their lines of smart TVs into the market. Changhong Ruba smart TVs are very popular among the people. This is because Sony holds a good brand reputation. Ecostar smart TVs are also gaining popularity because of their reasonable prices and user friendly interface. Samsung smart TVs pride themselves on the best image quality. The superior quality is appealing to people who want the best viewing experience. There are further divisions in these lines that users can then choose from.


Smart TV prices in Pakistan depend upon a number of factors. The first factor being the company that you choose to buy from as in Pakistan we have Sony, LG, Ecostar, TCL and Smart tvs with different price ranges. The prices also depend upon the size of the television. Smart TVs start from 26 inch screens and go up to 70 inches, usually. Apart from screen size, the features also have an impact on the price. The more features it supports, the more expensive it gets. The basic features remain the same. Internet connectivity is a must for all smart TVs.

Features in a Smart TV

Smart TVs provide state of the art technology enabling TVs to connect to the internet. This enables a lot of new features for television, including;

  • Easy Sharing: TVs can now connect to mobile phones and tabs to share screens through easy connect features. No need for HDMI cables or other cables. Connectivity is now easier than ever.

  • Multi-Tasking: Smart TVs have access to the internet. They let people browse through their favorite social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

  • Entertainment: People can access entertainment portals online and watch movies and shows of their choice. They can also play video games or download new apps on their televisions.

  • Smart Control: Smart TVs come with smart control. This entails intuitive remote controls. Many versions have a recognition feature for hand gestures. There are lesser buttons and their positioning is according to the finger placement.

  • Other Features: HDMI and USB ports are important for most buyers using smart TVs. These ports will help you connect laptops, gaming consoles, home audio and even mobile phones with your TV.

Make sure to consider the highlighted factors before your next purchase. From, you can avail best deals and discounts on smart tv prices in Pakistan. Pay online or pay cash on delivery, we will deliver your product in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and anywhere in Pakistan. So what are waiting for! Order your first smart tv online and enjoy a great online shopping experience with Kaymu Pakistan!