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If you are thinking of installing multiple surveillance cameras around your property, be it an office, an apartment, a shop or your house, now is the time. Kaymu Pakistan has a wide range of closed circuit television also known as CCTV cameras in Pakistan which come with separate monitors with both live transmission and recordings. It is always better to take preventive measures before something unwanted happens. If you are a convenience store owner it will help you avoid robberies and shoplifting, for a school principal installing these cameras will help you maintain discipline and keep a check on different corners of the campus.

Buy high-tech surveillance, spy & security cameras in Pakistan at best prices from Kaymu and pay cash only when the product has been delivered at your doorsteps. At Kaymu marketplace, you can get a broad range of cameras from top brands. Also get the most suitable spy and surveillance camera prices in Pakistan. Kaymu is providing their buyers with the best security camera prices in Pakistan. There are a lot of discount deals which the buyers can avail which will reduce the cost of the products.

Different Types of Surveillance Products Available at Kaymu

Though, one ought to respect every person's privacy but sometimes the circumstances demand you to keep a look out on other people. This is where different types of cameras come in handy. These cameras can be installed in your house, office or store to avoid any sort of damage. Furthermore, in these insecure days when robbery and burglary is common, it is necessary to have CCTV cameras installed in your house or workplace.

If there is a problem with wiring then you can get wireless cameras installed at your desired place. Big cities like Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore are far more prone to such unwanted activities as compared to other towns. So, if you reside in these cities or have businesses here, get your CCTV camera installation now. There are many different types of cameras that you can get here at Kaymu.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are cameras which have a live stream of whatever is going on around a specific place. The CCTV footage can be recorded and seen later as well. These cameras can be installed outdoors and indoors. Get the best CCTV camera price in Pakistan by shopping online at Kaymu. There are a lot of discount deals for the buyers which will reduce the expensive price in half.

IP Cameras

IP cameras provide protection and ease of use for the buyers. IP cameras are considered to be better than CCTV cameras because they can store and transmit data through a digital signal. This way data is more protected and will keep you safe.

Drone Cameras

These cameras are used to capture footage from high above. Drone cameras are usually bought by professional photographers but now they are used for security purposes as well. These cameras are very high tech and can fly up to 400 feet above the ground to record.

Factors to Consider when Buying Cameras for Security Purposes

When buying cameras for security purposes, there are several factors that the buyers must keep in mind. These elements will help you make a better and quicker buying decision.

  • Coverage

The most important factor is how much area can the camera cover. The area covered varies from camera to camera. Depending on where you want to install the camera you can choose your camera accordingly. The coverage depends on the camera lens and how well the camera can adjust itself in different light levels.

  • Resolution

Camera resolution is important because it will help capture high quality footage. For offices and houses, it is recommended to get high quality camera resolution so that you can clearly see in the CCTV. For households buyers usually get a 350 to 400 TVL resolution.

  • Color Pictures VS Black and White

People generally use black and white cameras but the quality of the black and white image should be good. A black and white footage that is grainy will not help identify an intruder. Color cameras are usually used in offices or factories to keep an eye on the production process properly.

Get the Most Amazing Discount Deals for Cameras at Kaymu

Considering the deteriorating law and order situation in Pakistan, it is unwise not to have such equipment in your residences or workplaces that can help you avert any unintended consequences. Most importantly, it can help you monitor or in any untoward circumstance be helpful to the security personnel in catching the culprit. So, get wireless spy cameras and stay updated about your place. In case, you are worried about the security camera prices in Pakistan, we can assure you there is nothing to worry about. Kaymu provides buyers with a lot of discount deals which reduces the cost of products that you need. There are several bundle deals as well which will allow the shopper to buy more products at one reduced price.

Whichever products that you choose to buy will be delivered to you anywhere in Pakistan. With a cash on delivery option, online shopping for cameras in Pakistan is made convenient. Kaymu is a secure platform where buyers and sellers can easily interact with each other. For product related queries, the buyers can contact the sellers directly. The buyers can also contact us by calling on the numbers provided or use the live chat facility. The major advantage of having these surveillance cameras is that you give leave your valuables behind without worrying about them much. You do not even need to hire a security guard if you have these equipment installed at your place. There are several brands that have introduced their line of security cameras. All the popular brands for cameras are available here at Kaymu. You can easily pick from thousands of brands and get the perfect one for your requirements. So go ahead and avail the best deals on cameras and get the right one. Happy shopping!