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Tablets or the concept of tablet PCs have been around for quite some time but was recently popularized by the most valuable technology company in the world, Apple. With its introduction of the Apple iPad, the company successfully changed the way how people from all around the world browse the Internet, watch videos and movies, listen to songs, play games and wade through photo streams. Consuming content has never been easier.

After seeing the success that Apple and Samsung are enjoying, other competitors launched their own versions such as HP tablets, Qtabs and Asus tablets to jump into the scene with tablets of their own. Kaymu has stocked some of the best tablets in pakistan which over time have become extremely popular tablet brands in Pakistan. With various sizes and the best tablets price in Pakistan, customer can buy tablet PC online at such as Apple iPad and Lenovo Tablet. You can also get access to all types of tablets accessories in Pakistan such as tablet covers and tablet stands.

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Things to Look for When Buying Tablets in Pakistan

When you intend to buy a tablet for you, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind. Each one of these greatly impacts your decision to buy the product that you are looking for.

  • Screen Size:

People who mostly opt for a tablet PC are in search of a larger screen size. A tablet with a large screen makes watching movies, playing games or viewing photos much more fun than the one with a smaller screen. The tablet screens usually range from 7 to 10 inches in size. When you are buying your device, always opt for a size that will suit you the best. For e.g. if you intend to play games then go for a larger screen size such as 10 inch tablets and if you want to use it for regular activities such as listening to music etc., then, a smaller one would be the perfect for you.

  • Processor Capacity:

The processor capacity of your tablet PC will determine its speed and performance. The tablet with more processors would help you multitask without any lagging and disturbance. The more the processors are, the more stable the device is and the faster it will work. Besides, you will be able to play high tech games and other heavy applications flawlessly. It will be able to handle a number of applications easily.

  • Storage Capacity:

The internal storage capacity of your tablet also needs to be sufficient in order to allow you save all your personal or professional data without worrying of space running out. If your tablet has a larger hard drive, you will be able to save graphics, videos, applications etc. without having to rely on the external memory card. Many Ainol tablets and Dany tablets have higher memory capacity, therefore they are very popular among many people.

Choose your Operating System

Many people are comfortable with the Android Operating System whereas others prefer using iOS, Windows or Blackberry OS. So you should figure out the type of operating system you prefer and buy the tab that supports your favorite OS.

Tablets that use the Android system have been developed by Google. They regularly release different versions that are better and have many improvements in them. You can easily sync your google account to this tablet and share data between multiple devices. Dany Tablets in Pakistan are famous for using this operating system and provide additional support. Moreover, we have the largest range of android tablets in Pakistan at the best prices.

Many people prefer to use the iOS operating system that has been developed by Apple. There is a great demand for iPads in Pakistan due to their wide number of features and sleek looks. A multitude of apps can easily be downloaded from the App store to enjoy. Along with that, the operating system is easy to use and very flexible.

Blackberry also has its own range of tablets that use their operating system. These are fairly new and only a small number exists. The Playbook is the one that is most famous and due to its smaller size it is very convenient to carry.

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