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House is not the only entity that needs the décor. Human body is also worthy for the ornamentation. One form is the jewelry is other is bit more creative known to be the tattoos. The aesthetic patterns and variety of colors can be applied on the skin to give a more appealing outlook of the entire body. Many apply this approach to look cool and hence use any of the body part for implementation. But this can be painful. Not every human being is capable of bearing this pain but everyone do like to look beautiful. For this case, there is the astute option of temporary tattoos.

The young generation nowadays is crazy for this. That is why Kaymu has the wide array of tattoos for boys and girls. There is the authentic website as well as the opportunity to install the mobile app to directly view the artificial tattoo designs on your smartphone. This will save your time which will otherwise be wasted on the trips to physical markets.

Creative types of Temporary Tattoos

Henna is the most common temporary tattoo that is famous usually in African and Asian countries. It has not even the color of splendor but the smell also relaxes the mind. It is derived from the flowering plant and has different shades like brown, red and black. Some people also adore to dye hair via Henna.

Another kind is the transfer tattoo. The special sort of ink and glue mixture is used to create this masterpiece. Such temporary tattoos for girls and boys comprise of variety of patterns on the paper which is then placed on the skin, by facing the main portion down and afterwards a wet piece of cloth is pressed at the back side for nearly 30 seconds or more so that the tattoo can be affixed to the skin. This can last for couple of weeks.

Online tattoos shop called Kaymu also has the airbrush ones. Stencils or airbrush guns are utilized to apply the non-toxic paint which is in liquid form. Creative approaches are implemented to make the design more realistic which can last for nearly a week.

Additional Accessories for Embellishing Temporary Tattoos

Other than the prime temporary tattoo kinds, there are also some other accessories which can surely assist in adding more glamor. Body glitter is a good option. With tattoo, you can scatter the glitter. For this purpose, it is necessary to put some glue to make the glitter stick to the body. The application of body gems is also an imaginative idea. They can be pasted according to the tattoo's pattern and these gems are also easy to remove. Colored feathers are also apt for adding bit more style to the tattoo design.

Advantages of Temporary Tattoo Designs

  • The best point is to stay free from pain and serious skin alterations.
  • Either they are wrist tattoos or are at any other body part, temporary ones are not permanent.