Top 9 Electronics in Pakistan for the Tech Savvy Individuals

Power Banks: A gadget for every Pakistani battling load shedding

Power Bank

Power banks top our list for must have gadgets for the year 2015, they are not only portable but extremely functional. With constant load shedding that the country face, with a sturdy power bank you can keep your smartphone's battery charged

Headphones: Enjoy high audio quality on the go


The most important accessory for any music lover is a set of high quality headphones. Some of the most sought after headphone this season were Beats Wireless by Dr. Dre and Audionic headphone because of their stellar sound quality.

MP3 and MP4 players: A great way to satisfy your music cravings

MP3 Players

Apple created a frenzy with iPod in the year 2001 and since then various brands have worked tirelessly on developing sophisticated MP3 and MP4 Players for true music enthusiasts. This year the demand for these compact music players surged, with players offering additional features, for instance, excellent battery life, greater storage space and better display.

Portable Speakers: A perfect way to blast away music without a sound system

Portable Speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers offer some of the most desirable features like exceptional sound quality and greater customization at a very budget friendly prices. Dr. Dre Beats Pills Speaker tops the chart for most stylish yet compact and lightweight Bluetooth speakers that offer powerful sound.

Digital Cameras: Take photographs like a pro

Digital Cameras

If you love to capture moments through photographs and due to soaring prices of DSLR cameras had to forgo your passion, then now is the time to invest in a digital camera. This year some of the most trusted names in camera industry introduced high tech cameras at the most budget friendly prices. So now without breaking the bank, you can satisfy the novice photographer in you. The leading digital cameras to watch out for this year are Nikon Coolpix and Sony Cyber Shot.

Video Games: A fusion of great graphics, excellent gameplay and mind blowing story

Video Games

This year saw release of some of the most captivating video games that impressed the most ardent video gamers. Grand Theft Auto Vice City and The Crew were some of the best-selling video games with great graphics, innovative story line and superb gameplay.

If you are new to the exciting world of gaming, then Nintendo 2DS is perfect for you, with myriad of captivating software it is an ideal entry level gaming system. However, if you are a hardcore gamer then look no further, Sony PlayStation is undoubtedly the best gaming console for the year with shrewd interface, ingenious performance, exceptional controller and high quality graphics.

LED Television: Futuristic design with best picture quality


This year saw the increase in sales of LED TVs which replaced the old LCD TVs. Changhong Ruba and Samsung topped our list for manufacturing the state of the art LED TVs with sleek design that takes the television viewing experience to a whole new level.

Spy Cameras: A clever way to spy on others

Spy pen

Who would have thought that a gadget like spy camera would make it to our list, these are one of the most popular electronic item in the country. What makes them so popular is the fact that they are extremely lightweight, inexpensive and unobtrusive, thus a perfect medium to keep an eye on anyone.

This list features the most exciting electronics that captivated the interest of people in Pakistan this year, for online shopping of these gadgets at unmatched prices Kaymu is your one-stop destination.