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From stuffed animals to barbie dolls and kids outdoor games, has something in its online store for every child's fantasy. Beautiful dolls and doll houses for princesses and action figures for the little superheroes.

Gauge the toddler's liking by giving them toys of their interest; Play dolls and crayons for the creative artists, board games & puzzles for elderly kids, tea sets for little chefs, hula hoops for the sporty ones, doctor set, dressing table and the list for kids & baby toys goes on. is the best resource for online toys shopping in Pakistan your little ones.

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When looking for toys for babies and kids in Pakistan, consider logging on to to get the best deals and promotions on the most popular and cool toys. features toys for kids and babies from all the renowned brands. Toys should not only be great entertainment for your kids but they should also aid mental stimulation so your kids can grow into smart individuals. That is why it is very important to buy the right toys for your kids and babies. Investing in Scrabble game can be one of the best decisions you can make for your kid as Scrabble can not only make for a great family pass-time but also help your kid in learning new words and expanding his vocabulary. Indoor kids games such as monopoly games can teach your kid to count.

There are countless other toys in the market that help your kid to learn while playing. Kaymu Pakistan has alphabet learning machines as well as kids laptops and talking tom cats. Kaymu helps you kick start your child's growth and learning process. What better way to facilitate developmental skills in your child than buying him building blocks! offer a huge range of great learning tools for your children that help them learn while playing. Get playing tents, swings, slides, see-saw and much more only from Kaymu Pakistan. From kids learning tablets to barbie dolls, inflatable pools, kids racing cars, toy helicopters to stuffed toys, Kaymu carries it all when it comes to educational toys for kids. Kaymu also helps you buy the right gift for your nieces and nephews by featuring baby gifts and interactive toys with our Fast & Free Home Delivery service all over Pakistan. Shop online from us with confidence as we offer Payment on Delivery service all across Pakistan!

If you are one of those shoppers who like to shop while they are on the move, Kaymu's mobile app for Android, Blackberry and iOS can help you buying from the palm of your hands. No matter you are relaxing on the couch at home, at work or you are on the move, you can choose products, make price comparisons and order them right from the convenience of your smartphones or tablets. Kaymu's mobile app is the most reliable online toys shopping tool.

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Buy toys, kids and babies products in Pakistan online at Kaymu! All children love toys and now you can buy online in Pakistan at Kaymu, a broad range of baby toys, kids toys, baby products, kids & baby clothes and many more within the comfort of your home. New research has shown that children undergo a self-development process while playing with their favorite toys. Boys love playing with vibrant colored, super-fast remote control cars, while girls pick beautifully dressed, neatly groomed Barbie dolls. However, with the motive to help a child in its mental development and learning through playing, there is a countless range of baby toys available these days for all age groups. This proves that toys are more than just for fun and are now an educational tool for your kids. Kaymu also has full range of baby bath tubs to help mothers giving a safe and convenient bath to their little angels. For exclusive Pakistani toys, just checkout the official website.

Variety of Baby Toys Available Online

Your miniatures always need something to play with. This is the reason why people have been creating so many distinctive objects for years to amuse their little ones. Ancient toys were usually made up of wood and human beings utilized their skills and hard work to create the masterpiece without any assistance of huge machines. Present era is lucky to have variety including plastic toys, rubber toys and even musical toys. Now even the toys for girls and toys of boys differ.

The opportunity to buy online toys in Pakistan is widely supported by Kaymu. The brands and specs are clearly specified on the webpage so that the buyer remains free from any kind of confusion. You will come across a large variety of kids' products & other kids' outdoor games as well at our online toys store in Pakistan. Often the greatest point of concern is the high costs associated with intelligent toys that facilitate child learning and development; at Kaymu, you can shop while warding off all your apprehension relating to the toys price tags. With our vast range of toys like baby musical bouncer, action figures, hello kitty kids toys and games, Kaymu has got something for everyone, the extremely young infant, the slightly older and our selection caters for both girls and boys and it's all just a few clicks away. Indulge in our affordable and unique online toy shop with a huge selection and you only have to pay on delivery. Get all your baby products & kids toys in Pakistan online with Kaymu. Also available are convenient and fabulous online gifts at Kaymu; be it birthday gifts, gifts baskets, gifts for men or gifts for girls, and buyer friendly services such as gift delivery and shipping, Kaymu is your online gifts shop offering gift delivery services to send gifts to Pakistan anywhere. Buy and sell your goods at Kaymu for the best online toys & gifts shopping in Pakistan!

Benefits of toys

Toys are not just for moving and hitting. There is an intense research done for years to understand the true value of these treasures. Playing with toys is not a useless process especially for kids.

Just consider the bright colored toys for little ones. They are the finest source of learning the color differences and the variety of shapes helps to identify the particular object. When the kid grows a bit older, it is best to purchase a puzzle for him or her to boost the analytical and problem solving skills.

Many baby toys in Pakistan include the configuration of sound system which stimulates the kid's listening skills and assists your kid to identify particular sort of music. The toys of alphabets and numbers are finest for educational purposes.

Either you want the products of Mothercare Pakistan or want your kid to play the toys of other prominent brand then choose Kaymu to relish the variety.

Tips for Choosing Safe Toys for Your Kids

Your little angels need to be safe and secure while they enjoy playing with their new toys. This is why you need making sure that the products you are buying for them are of the premium quality and are rated safe. The best idea is to buy from a safe online baby products shopping destination with getting access to best baby shops in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad. At Kaymu we have acquisition teams who make sure that our sellers are selling toys that are safe for the designated age groups. For choosing safe toys, it's always the best idea to check the age group mentioned on the packaging. For instance, buying toys that are too small or have small parts can be really dangerous for kids who are too young, as they can put them in the mouth. For the little girls you can buy flying fairy or a doll whereas for grown up boys there are remote controlled toys including cars, jeeps and helicopters of all kinds Kaymu also has Intex swimming pools of all types to help you little angels learn and enjoy swimming indoors. For the grown up kids, we have kids learning computers in all sizes to help them be better performers at their respective schools.

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Online kids toys shopping in Pakistan is no more hassle now. There was the time when parents had to rush towards the market to buy baby products and spend their precious time to find the appropriate ware. Many times parents used to be disappointed and couldn't find what they desired. Thanks to the online shopping approach that has proven to be the best and most convenience purchase process.

For having the valuable experience of online shopping and feasible kids toys price in Pakistan then don't forget to consult the services of Kaymu.