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Over the years, gaming consoles have evolved a great deal from Telstar and Ping-o-Tronic to PlayStation and Wii U. Browse through the latest games in gaming console technology available only at Kaymu. Buying gaming consoles in Pakistan belonging to famous brands like Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, PSP and others was never this easy. It is not only the boys who love to play with video games, girls are equally crazy about them as well. Nintendo gaming consoles and a few other brands have also come up with video games consoles in girly colors like baby pink and red. These days several brands are offering limited edition consoles and their accessories in unique colors. As the trend for consoles has increased so has the trend of playing games on Sony PSP or any other such hand-held devices. Children are very fond of such video games as it is easier for them to handle since these require less wires and cables.

The Three Giants of Video Gaming Consoles

When it comes to gaming consoles in Pakistan and around the world, there are endless options for the gamers out there however the top three giants of gaming consoles in Pakistan include Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, and the Nintendo Wii. Each of these three giants have their own unique specifications and offer different gaming experiences. So before you finally jump into buying gaming consoles for your home entertainment needs, you need to learn about each of these individually.

Sony PlayStation

There are several designs of PlayStation gaming consoles that Sony has introduced over the years. Perhaps the most demanded one is the PS4 and PS3. The Sony PlayStation 3 which is also known simply as PS3 is one of the leading gaming consoles ever manufactured. This Sony gaming console was invented by Sony electronics and reached the north of America in the year 2006. It then spread to all countries across the world within no time due to the remarkable gaming experience it offers. The most remarkable thing about PlayStation 3 is its cutting-edge graphics and high end system specs. Although the Sony PlayStation 3 is not a cheap game console, yet it is bought by countless people due to the unmatchable gaming experience it offers. The PlayStation 4 is an improved and upgraded version of PS3. The graphics are much better and gamers can enjoy their games with its high end features.

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox console is manufactured by one of the world's leading software companies Microsoft. There are three types of Xbox that the brand has introduced which include; Xbox, Xbox one and Xbox 360. The most popular and most recent console introduced by the company is the Xbox 360. It is the second gaming console manufactured by Microsoft and was introduced in the year 2005, a year prior to the launching of PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 became a super hit gaming console right after coming out just because of amazing graphics and powerful processor it comes packed with. Kaymu offers the best Xbox 360 prices online to buyers in Pakistan.

Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii also known simply as the Wii is also one of the top-of-line gaming consoles. Nintendo has a history of creating groundbreaking gaming consoles and hand-held devices. The Wii comes featured with unique system which utilizes controller that doubles as a handheld pointing device. The gamers can interact with the Nintendo Wii in a truly interactive way as it allows the users to interact with console using a special sensor. Buyers can easily compare the psp price in Pakistan with Nintendo hand-held devices. Nintendo is one of the oldest brands that introduced gaming devices and still is trying to introduce new and improved models. There are several games offered by the company as well which gamers all over the world love.

Variety of Gaming Accessories for Consoles

When buying consoles, it is important to get its accessories. There are a number of gaming accessories that buyers can get which include; controllers, speakers, headsets, chargers, cables, connecters, hard drives and joysticks. Many of the consoles allow the gamers to get connected to the internet which enables players to play with other people worldwide. For that gamers require or even speakers so that they can talk to the other person easily. Over the years the several brands for consoles have introduced limited edition accessories which gamers around the world demand. Since there are several unique colors and patterns of the accessories, gamers tend to get their hands on them before anyone else. When buying accessories for your consoles, it is highly recommended to get the ones that are compatible with your console. Some accessories are designed only for one model so always read the description of the accessories before you make the final purchase decision.

Guide to Take Care of Gaming Consoles

It is very important to take good care of your consoles because since you will be spending a lot of money on them. It is recommended to keep the consoles clean so that dust and dirt do not enter the inside of device. It is recommended to use a dry cloth or soft brush to get rid of dirt and dust. Also never let dust enter the ventilation opening because eventually the dust will go inside the device and will affect the fans. If the fans have a lot of dust on them then they will eventually stop working and it costs a lot to get them fixed. Make sure that you plug out all wires and cables once you are done playing on the console. The wires tend to heat up which can cause a fire. Also when cleaning your console, turn off the console and remove all kinds of wires and even the controllers. Do not use water or any type of soap or detergent on the console because the liquid substance can go inside the device which will damage it.

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