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The History of Video Games

The concept of video gaming emerged in early 1950's when a couple of students took the initiative of designing games and mock-ups whilst synchronizing the concepts of artificial intelligence, as a part of their computer research project. However, video gaming gained enormous popularity in 1970's and 1980's when the general public was introduced to arcade gaming, home computer games and gaming consoles. In 1985, the launch of Nintendo Entertainment Systems changed the face of the video gaming industry and paved the way for modern day game development. Since that day video gaming has become a pivotal source of entertainment and a part of the today's culture worldwide.

Evolution of Video Gaming Industry in Pakistan

Since Pakistan is one of the fastest growing IT markets, video gaming industry in Pakistan is also growing by leaps and bounds. The fast pace gaming industry has captivated the interest of a large chunk of our population and is considered to be one of the biggest source of entertainment among the youth of Pakistan. Not just entertainment, game development is considered to be a serious business in Pakistan and many professional and highly skilled video game developers have achieved milestones with their innovative product design and development across the globe. Whether you are a little boy of ten, a girl in her teens or an adult in his twenties. Video gaming gets everyone hooked, no matter what your age or gender is. With the advancement of latest technology, the state of art video gaming accessories have had everyone addicted. Not only does video gaming serves a recreational purpose but latest studies depict that it helps in the development of cognitive skills in children and adolescent.

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Buy video games in Pakistan for different gaming consoles such as Sony video games, Sega games, PS3, PS4, PS5 Nintendo Wii and other XBox 360 video games in Pakistan. You can select the games of your preference from the wide range of video games available at Kaymu and have it delivered to your doorstep without any shipping charges. We have the most reasonable Xbox 360 video game prices in Pakistan. From video games for kids to highly complicated video games for adults, Kaymu is the perfect place to buy video games all across the country. Video game DVDs are also available at the best affordable prices. We have in store the best PS 4 video game prices in Pakistan. So pick your most wanted video games today while they are in stock.

For gaming addicts, playing the same video game over and over again can be monotonous and boring. At Kaymu, bestselling video games in Pakistan like grand theft Auto, call of duty, Mario, Need for Speed, FIFA, WWE, Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed, Medal of Honor, Sims 2 and other renowned Microsoft video games are showcased at the best prices available in Pakistan. You can get the best online video games prices in Pakistan at no better place other than Kaymu. Browse through Kaymu's online video games store and choose your favorite video game with Free & Fast Shipping as well as Payment on Deliver Offer all over Pakistan.

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The gaming community in Pakistan is on the constant rise. This is clear from the increase in the number of gaming devices, number of games and the number of gamers. Be it Xbox, PlayStation or PC gaming, all gaming platforms require DVDs or CDs for you to play video games. After a hard day's work or just to have quality time with friends, you can simply insert your favorite video game inside the gaming console and enjoy a great gaming experience. There are a lot of game manufacturers out there which specialize in different game niches. For instance, EA Sports is known for FIFA games and other sports games. Rockstar Games are known for Grand Theft Auto game series. Sega video games like Street Fighter and Brian Lara Cricket are absolute classics. No matter what the platform is, be it Xbox or PS or PC, you can now buy a range of quality video games online in Pakistan at best prices right here at Kaymu.

There are numerous games out there for you to choose. But buying a video game is not as easy as it seems due to the massive copyright infringement issue. Rest assured at Kaymu, you get completely genuine games. The following comprehensive guide will help you in buying video games.

What to Look for When Buying TV Video Games

The first thing to consider is the genre of games you like. Action, arcade, adventure, sports, racing etc. are the different game genres you can choose from. There are certain bestseller games like GTA V, FIFA, Need for Speed, Batman, and Sims etc. which are classics. You can also get the best GTA V price in Pakistan at Kaymu. You should look at the video resolution and the game requirements before buying a video game. You must ensure that the video game is compatible with your system.

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Kaymu is the largest online shopping marketplace in Pakistan, where verified sellers are selling at the best Xbox 360 games price in Pakistan. Based on your needs, game genre you like, and the budget you are willing to spend, you can buy quality video games online in Pakistan at great prices. You can get them delivered to your doorsteps in a matter of a few days and use easy modes of payment to pay.

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