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Do you like the melodious sound of anklets when a woman wearing them walks? Then, why not buy one for yourself? Anklets are a traditional piece of jewelry, worn mostly in South Asian region by women. Beautifully crafted, this piece of jewellery is available in exquisite designs for girls and women. Anklets online shopping in Pakistan can be done from Kaymu where these are available in a huge variety. In Pakistan, these are also known as Payal. These anklets add to a woman's beauty, and will compliment her style.

Anklets Prices in Pakistan are based on their material and size. Some anklets are worn casually while others are worn on special occasions like weddings, Eid, etc. The variety available at Kaymu is quite affordable for the customers.

Anklets Designs and Styles

There are various anklets designs and styles available for women. Some like it simple while others want something glamourous. Here are some of the common styles of anklets that women wear.

Gold Anklets: These are the most expensive ankle bracelets that women wear. They may be available in a thin chain or have other decorative items attached to them such as pearls, and other beads. These gold anklets shine from afar and have different shapes attached to them including flowers, butterflies, birds, etc.

Silver Bracelets: Sterling silver anklets are popular among the girls. These have reasonable prices and can be worn casually. They also have decorative items attached to them to add to their size and style.

Platinum Anklets: This metal is durable so these anklets can be worn even in harsh environments. Some anklets may have a heart-shaped necklace attached to them while some have precious stones, stars, etc. hanging in them. Some anklets are toggled while some are twisted or swirly in style.

Plastic: These anklets are cheap and can be worn only for style. The beads or items attached to them can be easily changed so these can be worn with a number of outfits. You can also make these bracelets at home.

Classy Anklets for Weddings

There are anklets that are heavy and large in size. They produce more sound than a simple anklet. For weddings, many women select gold-plated polki anklets. These have beads or ghungroos in large quantity so they produce a lot of sound. These are ethnic jewellery items worn by women.  Apart from these, there are various other patterns of Pakistani anklets. Kundun anklets made of gold or white gold are extremely delicate and beautiful. Having a perfect finish, these anklets accentuates a woman's feminine beauty and adds to her style. Then there are anklets with multiple chains. They have loops hanging on the sides of your feet. The clasp is attached to the thumb toe and is decorated like a ring.

Anklets are available in varying sizes so that women of all body types can wear them. These are skin friendly and do not cause any allergy or rash. Most of these are lightweight and studded with gemstones.