Women's Bathrobes

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Soft and Comfortable Bathrobes for Women

Women's bathrobes are the most comfortable and luxurious thing you can have. Not only do these provide you with an easy and convenient way to move around the house. They also give you the warmth and protection that you need. There are a number of women's bathing suits design along with bathrobes present to choose and to enjoy resting away in the comfort of your home.

Styles of Women's Bathrobes

The women bathrobe style is much different than the regular bathrobe. It may look similar to the spa robe but it has its own set of differences present. These are generally shorter and fall to the knee area of the woman wearing them. A number of people wear them before and after their bath or when they have to get dressed. The benefit of these is that it helps keep your body dry along with providing you a high level of comfort. These basic materials used in the making of women bathrobes are terry cloth, microfibre and velour. These can be white in color or a number of bright colors that people can choose from according to their own style.

When considering the price, these are much similar to the women's bathing suits prices but they differ according to the material that you intend to purchase them of.

Fabric Used in Making Ladies Bathrobes

When it comes to women's robes, there are a number of different materials used in its making. Each fabric has its own feel, weight, touch quality along with the absorbency level.


Microfibre is a material that is made using the most modern of manufacturing processes. It contains fibre that is highly thin around the size of a human hair. This material is preferred for many women's bathing suits and robes because it is finer that silk. In addition to this, due to its light weight it is considered to be highly breathable. They have high water absorption quality present that makes it a good option.

Cotton Waffle

Cotton Waffle is a material that supports a diamond or squared pattern on it. It comes in the design forms of checks and has full 100% cotton material present in it that absorbs the water highly efficiently. When you buy this type, always make sure to wash them regularly as it can catch on a lot of dust. These are preferred to be used in spas and the hotel industry.

Cotton Terry

Cotton Terry is a material that comes from the cities of Egypt and Turkey. This material is highly absorbent and disperses water in such a way that the robe does not become heavy. This is slightly higher in price but is still used by a number of places.

Cotton Velour

Cotton Velour is a material that feels much like velvet. It has a highly soft feel along with being very warm and insulating. The cotton velour material is perfect for winter months because it gives you an additional level of warmth that you need.