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Jewelry sets add instant bling and an undeniable sparkle in a woman's life. Gold jewelry sets are what allure women most when it comes to sophistication. For every day wear, choose from broad range of silver, diamond and gold jewerly sets in Pakistan at which look elegant and classy. Match or contrast your outfit with same color studded pieces of rings, earrings and other jewelry designs.

Broad Range of Silver, Gold, Diamond & Artificial Jewelry Sets Available

Ruby red, emerald green or deep purple set are considered to be best when it comes to artificial jewelry sets in Pakistan. Whether you prefer delicate silver jewelry sets for meetings or luxurious bridal gold jewelry sets for weddings, Kaymu has a complete range of jewelry for every occasion available at most reasonable prices!

Buy the Trendiest Jewelry Online in Pakistan

The trends keep coming and going however the jewelry that promises quality, withstands with the test of time. It is a fact that when a popular jewelry fashion retires, it is sure to come back after some time. The best idea to figure out the latest jewelry fashion trends in Pakistan is to follow fashion blogs and magazines. Have a look at what the celebrities are wearing these days and figure out the ongoing jewelry trends. Despite the changing trends there is jewelry that is timeless which includes nature pieces, pearls, dangle earrings and dark stones at the top of list followed by some others.

Nature Inspired Jewelry

The jewelry that comes inspired by nature is said to last for a very long time duration. The leaf jewelry, silver leaf earrings, gold leaf necklaces and many other types of jewelry products are timeless jewelry that is inspired by nature. The butterfly jewelry is also one of the timeless nature inspired jewelries. You may opt for any of these nature inspired jewelry sets in Pakistan through Kaymu.

Dark, Moody Stones

The dark jewelry is stylish and dramatic. It comes with stones that offer earthly look and inspire others greatly. The stones like black onyx, black jade, black diamond etc. are among the dark moody stones that offer exotic looks. Kaymu offers a wide range of jewelry with dark stones to fulfill your craving for dark jewelry.

Dangle Earrings

The dangle earrings are classic jewelry for your ears. They provide a dramatic look when worn on a night out. The long diamond dangle earnings are available at Kaymu Pakistan to help you fulfill your desires for top quality dangle earrings. These earrings are best worn when you arrange your hair in an up-do, or back-in a ponytail.

The Piles of Pearls

If you want to give yourself the classy and trendy look, you should drain a bit of your wallet on the pearls.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now and get these stylish jewelry sets delivered at your doorsteps with our fast & free shipping. We also offer Payment on Deliver offer to our customers.

Buy Artificial Jewelry in Pakistan Online at Kaymu

Women who love wearing jewelry are always on the look for new designs. Jewelry is a great accessory which makes an outfit stand out and also helps express a person's personal style. There are different kind of jewelry made from several materials. Gold is one the most common material used but it is expensive. For a much cheaper alternative, women look for artificial jewelry.

There are many designers of jewelry that offer both real and imitation jewelry sets which the buyers can get according to their preference. Women should have a good eye when buying artificial jewelry, because even if you are getting artificial jewelry, it should look real. For women who are looking for an online store for shopping for jewelry, are at the right place. Now online shopping for artificial jewelry sets in Pakistan is made easy at Kaymu. There is wide range of jewelry in all designs and colors.

Different Types of Jewelry for Pakistani Women

Whether you have to go to a wedding or some other formal event, jewelry is very important as it a huge part of our culture. Jewelry has been around since a very long time and it is the best way to express fashion style. There are several jewelry designs that are demanded by Pakistani women.

Head Jewelry

For weddings these days, head jewelry is very popular which makes the entire look glamorous. Now Matha Patti online shopping is made easy at Kaymu. There is a wide collection of artificial Matha Pattis available in all colors and designs. Some are fancier than others which can be even worn by brides on their big day. Then there are several simple ones for women who do not like heavy jewelry.


Bracelets add a lot of class to a women's personality. If you are not that much into bangles then a nice stone bracelet is an alternative which looks amazing. Artificial gold hand chains also look good and look real if you get the right colors. Buy hand chains online at Kaymu and make a great impression on others.


Necklaces are perhaps the most important jewelry piece because it is the one thing that other people notice right away. There are several designs and colors to choose from which buyers can easily get at Kaymu.


There are different styles of rings which vary from small sized rings, medium and large. Buyers can get rings with stones, plain artificial gold ones and even silver. Whichever design women like the most are all available here at Kaymu.

Get Artificial Jewelry by Popular Designers

Famous brands such as Tiffany & Co, Graff Harry and Buccellati are producing remarkable designs in imitation and artificial jewelry. Many of them can be bought in Pakistan through Kaymu portal as well. Women looking for Pakistani artificial jewelry designs can choose from a wide selection here at Kaymu. Kaymu has showcased homemade artificial jewelry sets from the best sellers in Pakistan.

Get all the latest artificial jewelry designs for ladies which have been precisely made with the best possible materials and excellent quality of stones. This makes each ornament of our artificial jewelry unique and special for our honorable customers. So, browse through our sophisticated collection of best artificial jewelry in Pakistan today online and buy the jewelry sets you are looking for.

Artificial Gold Jewelry that Looks Real

To look stylish and different while sitting in a gathering is probably every person's (certainly woman) dream. To dress up, wear perfumes and above all wear some jewelry and shoes is not only fashionable but desirable by every woman.

Gold, as normally known, comes at the top of this hierarchy set by the society. Country's economy is judged and based on the rate and value of gold. However, the ever growing inflation denies this pleasure to several people or, as a matter of fact, to most of the people. To overcome this deprivation, there is artificial or imitation jewelry available in the market now.

Almost, all sorts of stylish artificial jewelry including artificial necklaces, artificial rings, artificial earrings and artificial bridal jewelry is available for women all over the world. Artificial jewelry shopping in Pakistan is gaining attraction mainly because of its affordability but also the latest artificial jewelry design forces women to buy these ornaments and adorn their bodies with these jewels.

Most Competitive Artificial Jewelry Prices in Pakistan

The prices of artificial jewelry vary in Pakistan but it nonetheless remains within the range of ordinary beings. To further see the detailed prices of different artificial jewelry, you can sought help with Kaymu. What people are usually worried about is that the artificial and imitation jewelry might not be as long lasting as the original stones and jewelry does. This can be termed as nothing but misapprehension because brands and sellers are now producing stuff that not only resembles in its appearance to the original but embody its characteristics as well. Even bridal jewelry sets can be bought at reasonable prices these days.

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Kaymu has a huge variety of artificial jewelry for women in Pakistan. All that the buyers selects to purchase will be delivered at their doorstep anywhere in Pakistan. There is cash on delivery option for the shoppers which makes online shopping for artificial jewelry convenient.

If the customers have any questions then they can contact our customer service department by calling on the numbers provided or use the live chat service. All your questions will be answered right away. The procedure to shop online at Kaymu is very simple. The shoppers have to make their Kaymu account first and start ordering. Once the order is confirmed, proceed to check out. Kaymu makes sure that the products reach the buyers. The mode of payment is cash on delivery which makes shopping here stress-free.

For more comfort, purchasers can download the Kaymu app which will allow them to shop from their phone. The mobile app is attuned with all cellphones and can be downloaded for free. So go ahead and get all your favorite jewelry at Kaymu. There are several discount deals which reduce the cost of products that you want. Make you shopping spree fun and exciting at Kaymu!