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They say a women's wardrobe is incomplete without a nightwear. Just like any other piece of clothing that a woman owns, lingerie sets and nightwear are an extremely important part of the wardrobe and speak aloud about a woman's style, preference and taste. From exotic silk nighties to comfy everyday use leggings and undergarments, women have always shared a deep love for lingerie and comfortable nightwear since a long period of time. Whether you want to spice things up in the bedroom or want something to help you sleep sound, there is a nightwear for every occasion and every season. Whether you have an appetite for silk or love to sleep around in your casual cotton pants, your nightwear could be your best partner in bed.

Whether you seek for something warm to fight the chilly winters or something that could keep you cool during the scorching summer heat, you need to have a full understanding of the types of different types of nightwear before buying the right kind of nightwear. There are many different types of ladies nightwear in Pakistan that come in a variety of styles and many different fabrics. The fabrics range from cotton to flannel and from cashmere to arctic lace.

Types of Lingerie & Night Dresses for Women Available Online

Ladies nightwear come in many different types. Each suited to different occasions and seasons. Sleeveless nightwear for women are ideal for summer and spring. They are usually made of airy and light fabrics and help to protect the body from overheating during the summers. Sleeveless nightwear are perfect for people who have the habit of tossing and turning during sleep. Sleeveless nightwear are further divided into many sub categories depending on the styles and fabrics. The most common types of sleeveless nightwear include peignoirs, negligee, chemises and nighties. All of these types differ from each other in fabric, texture, design, cuts and style. Peignoirs is a long length spaghetti strap ladies wear, usually made of chiffon. They are considered as a type of lingerie due to embellishment of embroidery or lace and are made in fitting to highlight the female figure and silhouette. Negligees are very short night dresses and often made of sheer fibers such as silk. Chemises and nighties are considered as a more modest version of negligees as far as appearance is concerned. They usually come in cotton and nylon and have quite an airy feel. Night dresses for women with sleeves are perfect for coverage and are mostly worn to stay warm and cozy during the winters. These night dresses usually include pyjamas and ladies night gowns. Ladies night gowns in Pakistan are considered to offer great comfort and are worn to complement the nighties or negligees.

Buy Best Ladies Nightwear in Pakistan with Affordability

If you are into collecting alluring and comfortable nightwear that makes you look extremely sensuous even when you are asleep, then Kaymu is just the right place for you. Treat yourself with the most striking and flimsy nightwear available at Kaymu. Order today and have your perfect nightwear delivered to you at your front door.

Shop for the Most Exotic Ladies Nighties in Pakistan

Kaymu offers a wide range of comfortable and airy nightwear to meet the requirements of our customers. From PJs to ladies nightgown, we have it all. Search through what you want in our nightwear category and have your favourite nightwear item delivered to you free of the shipping cost.

Women Nightwear Online Buying Guide

Women nightwear is a clothing attire worn throughout the year. For a peaceful slumber, every woman requires nighties that can be worn comfortably and are durable so that they can wear them every day. Here are some tips for you to consider when buying a night suit.

  • Decide the type of nightwear you want to buy. Always choose a nightwear that is comfortable and suits you. There are proper nighty dresses in Pakistan available at Kaymu such as nightgowns, robes, kaftans, pajama sets, etc. Separate sleep wear items such as shorts, capris, camisoles, chemises, etc. are also available to offer a wide range of choices to the customers.

  • Select nightwear that is made of finest fabric and the material is comfortable to sleep in. Night dresses for women include materials such as silk, cotton, synthetic fibers, etc. The material of your clothing speaks a lot about the way you dress up for the night. Cotton nightwear is worn throughout the year and is the most comfortable apparel to sleep in.

  • Buy the nightwear according to the occasion. Nighties for bride are usually made of silk and satin, which are delicate to touch. These nighties are designed to enhance your beauty and have a sexy look to them to ooze out your sex appeal. They also have sequins, or lace embellished on them to add a rich and bold look to your style. When going for sleepover at a friend's place, there are trendy pajama sets, capris, tops, shorts, etc. which feminine patterns have featured on them. These nightdresses ensure a young, chic look to your style. If you want to go for something elegant, then silk nightgowns are the best to buy. Maternity nightwear which is loose, yet fashionable designed can also worn by pregnant women.

  • The length of your nightwear must be decided. There are full, ankle length gowns as well those draping till your knees. You must carefully decide the length of your sleeves. In summers, women mostly wear strapped gowns or half-sleeves shirts while in winters, they wear full sleeves nightwear to stay warm and cozy.

  • Embellishments on your nighties are an option. There are also different colors of Pakistani nighties available at Kaymu so you may select the colour that compliments your skin tone.

  • Also make sure that the nighty you buy must complement your body size. It should be fitted at the right places to accentuate your feminine curves but not too tight or draped shapelessly on your body.

Buy Stylish Ladies Undergarments Online in Pakistan

Women who are stylish know the significance of quality lingerie and how it is an essential part of their wardrobe. If you buy quality undergarments they are sure to look flattering on your figure and your clothes will fit much better. With the right bra, panties and shapewear your clothes will drape around your body in an elegant manner. This complete ladies undergarments buying guide will help you compare the exciting range of lingerie and ladies undergarments in Pakistan available exclusively at Kaymu.

Types of Undergarments for Women

There are so many options when it comes to style and design of bras, however, finding the perfect bra not only improves your appearance but is also very comfortable to wear. There are a number of popular brands that design undergarments for women. Some brands are very high end while others are affordable priced brands which offer good quality products too. When deciding on which type of inner clothes to get, one should know the different types and pick out the ones according to their requirements.


The convertible bras come with detachable straps, you can switch straps all the time and they are the most versatile bras available. These bras can be worn with a range of outfits including sleeveless shirts and cute halter tops. If you are looking for a bra to wear under a chic dress, then a strapless bra is perfect for you. They fit snugly because of the underwire support. You can wear any dress you want and would not have to worry about any wayward straps. Bra online shopping in Pakistan is made convenient at Kaymu and women can discreetly shop without getting awkward.

Push-up Bras

Push-up bras are ideal if you wish to enhance your figure. You can also buy a T-shirt bra to wear under a tight blouse or a T-shirt. These types of bras have seamless cups so you do not have to care about any seams showing through light fabrics. Instead of buying a typical bra, you can also get a camisole with a built in bra to wear under all types of clothes. They provide great comfort and are ideal for women with smaller cup sizes. Get all types of ladies bra in Pakistan in several designs and colors at Kaymu.

Sports Bras

If you love to hit the gym once in a while or take a little run, you should purchase a sports bra. These bras are specifically designed for high impact sports. They are manufactured using breathable and durable material to provide you exceptional comfort while you are exercising. Sports bra for women can be used in the gym as well because these give the best support and one can gym comfortably.


These are designed for young teenage girls which helps them get used to wearing a bra. These are very comfortable to wear and are made from soft fabrics. Preteens and teenagers can shop easily online.

Variety of Underwear for Women

Modestly designed briefs are the most popular type of panties among many women, you can choose from a variety of styles including French cut briefs and high cut briefs. Young women often love bikini panties as they have a waistband that fits comfortably on the hips. You can wear them with mid-rise jeans or trousers. Thongs are a favorite among women for a number of reasons, they have a very thin back panel so you do not have to worry about unappealing panty lines and if you will be wearing a tight fitting outfit then they do not show from underneath. There are several fabrics from which panties are made from which include; cotton, linen, silk and lace. Women can easily select the ones that they feel most comfortable in.

Ladies Shapewear that makes you Feel and Look Beautiful

Shapewear provides creates an illusion of slimmer body, they are made with stretchy fabric that provides support to your body. With the right shapewear, your clothes will fit you better and make you feel gorgeous. There are several colors that women can get for these bodysuits. Skin and nude colors are quite in demand because they camouflage well with the clothes. These days' celebrities and other socialites are using waist shapers which are worn from the waist down till the hip. These give a women a much more toned look and a slimmer waist. Women can flaunt any type of dresses and tops in these because the material is very thin and comfortable. However it is highly advisable not wear them for long hours as it may cause back pain and discomfort. Also if you use these often, wash them frequently to get rid of bacteria. Since the shapewear wraps half of your body, one can sweat and bacteria can easily built.

Wash your delicate Undergarments Carefully

Undergarments need to be cleaned very carefully or else they can easily get ruined. Since bras and panties are made from soft fabrics, wash them by hand. The washing machine can ruin undergarments. Bras can lose their shape and wired ones can get ripped very easily. Also it is recommended to use mild detergent on undergarments so that it does not ruin them. Also several times the undergarments are not washed properly and the detergent stays in them which can cause skin allergies. It is highly recommended to wear clean undergarments every day. Undergarments are prone to a lot of bacteria so it is advisable to get them washed with warm water. Also there are several colors that women can get for their undergarments so it is advisable not to wear black in summers. The black ones absorb more heat from the sun and can cause a number of deadly diseases.

Browse through Kaymu's exclusive range of modish women's undergarments in Pakistan available at the most unbelievable prices. You can also take advantage of millions of deals and make ladies undergarments online shopping fun and exciting. Have a nice online shopping experience!

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