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Women's polo shirts are as popular around the world as men's polos, the reason being they not only offer a formal look but are also super comfortable unlike women's dress shirts that are too tiring. Just like in all other parts of the world, the popularity of women's polos in Pakistan is quite high. Remember, women's polos should not be confused with t-shirts as there are many things that differentiate polos from tees. Please continue reading to find out more about things that make polos a different outfit as compared to the tees.

Features of Polos for Girls

As mentioned above, the polos for girls are a semi-formal wear and are not to be called tees. The major features of polo shirts that also differentiate them from tees include but are not limited to:

Collar: The primary difference between a regular ladies t-shirt and a polo is the collar. There is a collar in a polo shirt which cannot be found in tees. The collar gives it a formal look making it possible to wear even in the business meetings. The collar of polo shirts come in single-ply, two-ply or three-ply. The collar ply means the number of strands that are woven together to form a single thread before it is knit into fabric.

Placket: The placket of a polo shirt is the opening at the neck. This is the place where the buttons are attached. The plackets are mostly made out of a couple of layers of fabric that make it possible for holding the buttons. This not only keeps the polos in shape but also protect the skin from getting rubbed against them. Different styles of polo t-shirts for women come with different numbers of buttons ranging from two to seven or sometimes even more.

Pockets: Not all but some polo shirts for women come with pockets. Pockets are not appreciated by all women but many of them do like to have pockets in their polos.

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There are many different styles of women's polos available at Kaymu.

Cotton Polos for Women: The cotton polos for women are among the most comfortable and cost effective shirts available around. The cotton polos for women are available in organic cotton as well as in Egyptian cotton. The organic cotton shirts are good for those who like supporting a healthy environment. On the other hand, the Egyptian polo shirts are soft and more durable cotton polos available around.

Silk Polos for Women: The silk polos are the most expensive kind of women's polo shirts. They comprise a smooth and shiny texture and are best for use on formal events. Majority of the women's silk polos are not to be washed but only dry cleaned however others are good for washing just like the regular clothes.

Performance Polo Shirts for Women: As the name implies, the performance polos are for sportswomen who require outfit that helps them perform better. These shirts are usually made out of polyester or nylon.