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A shoe is not the only protective wear for feet. There is another attire that is bit more relaxing and calming. That is a pair of socks. Most of the people wear them to offer warmth to the feet while many of them especially the ladies have made them the substantial part of women's fashion. The prime reason for this change is the protection from friction which is caused by feet and ultimately it makes difficult for ladies to walk properly. Many traits like height, width, fabric, color and design are important to choose the apt pair of socks for women.

To purchase ladies socks in Pakistan, there is no need to visit the physical markets. The online shopping marketplace like Kaymu have made it much more effortless to avail the cash on delivery services and safely get the ware via shipment. The mobile application is another choice for the buyers to abruptly access the inventory by utilizing the smartphone. This is also comfortable in adding the merchandises in wish list.

Focus on variety of Women's Socks to Adulate

Casual Socks

Casual socks depict casualness. They are made for everyday use and hence the wearer can relish the luxury. They have quite light weight and hence can be worn under various sorts of footwear. They are not that thick but comprise of various design patterns and shades.

Running Socks

The thickness property of running socks vary. It depends on the wearer either she wants the thin material for ease or she desires a bit thicker one to protect from hard surfaces during running. This also becomes more cushioning for the feet.

Toe Socks

You have observed the individual shields of the fingers in the design pattern of gloves. The same technique is applied to the socks. The toe socks enclose the toes individually and are best to be worn with open toed shoes. The sandals and flip flops are the kinds of footwear that are perfect for such socks.

Slipper Socks

Slipper socks are quite unique as they do not require the shoes. They are usually quite thicker and some also possess the rubber grips to protect from harsh ground and also to prevent from slipping.

Athletic Socks

Physical activities like sports and exercises require the attires or accessories that can offer the body the maximum relaxation. This is the reason why athletic shoes have various thickness levels and have the absorbent quality to absorb the sweat and prevent the blisters' formation.

Don't Ignore the Below Mentioned Features…

  • The fabric material of the pair of socks should be the first thing to be considered. The assortment for such purpose includes cotton, synthetic, merino wool and silk. Cotton is much more inexpensive and best for sedentary activities. Synthetic material is quite durable and dries quickly. Merino wool absorbs moisture well and is fine for both summer and winter days. Moreover, silk is all about luxury and grace.

  • Then is the matter of height. Think what you require. Should it be no show, tap, low, quarter, crew or knee high?