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Women are born to love fashion. They are never afraid of trying new things and to adopt style changes. Every time any particular brand manufactures something distinctive, women never hesitate to rush and buy those unique products. Among these fashion and style entities, one thing is quite valuable, that is the clothing items.

Being a Pakistani woman, there is a lively variety of ladies dresses to cherish. The suits for women represent the true culture of the country and hence the colors and designs are reflected in the attires. Although due to the different provinces, languages and even the regions, there is an interesting diversity in the apparel designs but every single suit looks apt on every woman. The prime women's suits in Pakistan are shalwar kameez.

Everyone adores the free shipment approach of any online shopping marketplace. In this way, you just have to pay for the product and there is also no need of traveling. The same methodology is implemented by the marketplace called Kaymu which sells ladies suits in quite less rates.

Essential Parts of a Ladies Suit

Shalwar kameez being the national dress for women of Pakistan, fundamentally encompasses three components. One is the shalwar that is worn on the lower part of the body. They are kind of pleated trousers which are usually loose. They start from waist to the ankles, entirely covering the legs. Both the legs are separately shielded and hence elaborating a curvy style. Elastic bands are used to tie the shalwar with the body. Next piece is the kameez. It is actually the shirt that is the sheath for upper body. With varying lengths, it can be also worn with tights and different sorts of shalwars. Most of the ladies' designer suits are either sleeveless or have quite lengthy sleeves.

Dupatta or chunri is the additional ware that is used either to cover the head or by just wearing on shoulders. It can also be wrapped around like cape. Chadar is bit bigger version of dupatta that helps to become a veil for religious purposes.

Embroidered suits are made to be worn on special occasions. Women admire such dresses for weddings and random parties. The use of laces, beads, mirrors and crystals make the bright and shining collection.

Fabric Materials

The material from which the suit is made highly matters. Each material is preferred to be worn on particular weather. Ponder on the following catalog for understanding the fabric variety.


Light and bit silky aspects define the perfect lawn. Lawn suits for women contain high count yarns which make them smoother. This fabric is admired for summer weather because of its lightness. The bright colors and floral prints are best for the young girls while bit adult women can choose lighter shades.


Environment friendly aspect is seen in cotton. It is quite breathable and hence admired for all sorts of weather. Cotton seems to be quite cool for summer and quite warm for winter.


Silk is the definition of royalty. The gloss and smoothness makes this material the perfect fabric for special occasions.