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Women's sweatpants are usually worn during fitness & workout sessions or any other physical activity. These are usually worn in the winter season and can be used casually as well. These are quite warm and make the best work out outfit. These are made from soft materials that will keep you comfortable throughout an intense work out session. There are a number of brands that design, manufacture and retail ladies sweatpants in Pakistan. Kaymu offers buyers with a wide collection of sweatshirts & sweatpants at affordable prices. There are a number of discount deals that reduce the overall price of the products you need. Also there are several bundle deal offers which will allow you to purchase more products at one reduced price.

Guide for Purchasing Ladies Sweatpants Online in Pakistan

When buying sweatpants for women, there are a number of features that must be kept in mind. These features will allow you to get the right products that match all your requirements.


There are different styles of sweatpants that shoppers can get. Whether you are looking for a set or individual ones, you can select from the following;

  • Loose sweatpants: These are a good option to be used at the gym or at home. These are baggy around the legs area and provide extra comfort to the wearer. When it comes to buying gym trousers for women, these work well if you are not into intense workout sessions.

  • Fitted sweatpants: As the name suggests, these are much more fitted as compared to the loose sweatpants. You can use these as yoga trousers for ladies because these give a strong grip to the wearer.


There are different materials from which sweatpants for ladies are made in;

  • Cotton: This is the most common material or fabric used to manufacture sweatpants. The material is extremely soft that keeps the wearer comfortable. Also the fabric is breathable that makes workout sessions bearable. These are better to be used in summers rather than winters because the material is not that thick.

  • Wool: These are quite warm which works well for winters and sweats made from this material are very comfortable to wear. You can wear wool sweaters casually or at the gym.

  • Synthetic: Materials like polyester nylon and Lycra are synthetic materials which are often found in sweats. These are cheap and very soft to wear. There are different blends of synthetic materials which shoppers can get. Some are more comfortable and breathable than others.


It is important to get the perfect size of sweats. Whether you are getting the loose fitting ones or fitted ones, they should fit you well so that you feel comfortable. All brands offer standard sizes that include; small, medium, large and extra-large. Also there are thousands of colors of sweatpants that shoppers can get. You can also select from different patterns and get customized ones made according to your own choice. Kaymu offers shoppers with the perfect sizes and colors of sweats under one roof!